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The Zakat Trust - Zakat and Sadaqah for UK causes

Fundraising for The Zakat Trust

raised by 223 supporters
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The Zakat Trust

Charity Begins at Home! Support the Islamic Society of Britain, in partnership with the Zakat Trust, to fund urgent UK-based community activities and initiatives.

Charity Registration No. 1106668



Charity Begins at Home!


It is crucial that as British Muslims we contribute fully to our country and our people.


Of course, we always acknowledge the importance of giving aid abroad to support people who have much less than we all do here. But we cannot ignore the challenges on our doorsteps.


The work we do is vital.  See our website for more


The Prophet (peace be upon him) always worked with the people he lived amongst. We need to do the same.


We currently have four different funds that you can contribute to:

1: Grassroots projects – to raise awareness of Islam, work to dispel myths and bring people together.

2: Education fund – to help students to learn more about their faith and to encourage scholarship.

3: Scholars' fund – to support existing scholars in their work to deal with the challenges that British Muslims face, especially the youth.

4: Waqf fund – an endowment and investment trust from which all the returns will be put back into developing The Zakat Trust. This will allow such work to continue in the long-run by helping it to become self-sustaining.

Your wealth does not decrease when you give in charity [Hadith, Muslim] 



How does the Trust operate?

The Trust is a registered charity and also a company limited by guarantee (not-for-profit) operating on the basis of the Charity Commission’s rules and regulations. It is registered in the UK and is managed by a board of trustees that cannot benefit financially from any funds by law.


The trustees have a wealth of experience from various professional backgrounds. They have a strong base in Islamic knowledge and a track record in serving the community. They are chosen for their competence and ability to manage the trust responsibly. The Trust collects and distributes zakat and sadaqah separately as required by Islamic law.

Sadaqah extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire [Hadith, Tirmidhi]


* Due to our huge voluntary base, all the money we receive goes into activities and projects. 

* You can give:  Zakat, Sadaqah, Lillah and also Zakat al-Fitr (if it's Zakat, please state in your message).

* You can specify your donation to one of the above funds (please state in your message) or just donate on the basis of need as a default option.


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  • Endorsement from Dr Hany El Banna OBE
  • Endorsement from Sarah Joseph OBE
  • Endorsement from Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra +8