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Fundraising for The Royal Marines Charity

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The Royal Marines Charity

We support Royal Marines and their familes to overcome their challenges

Charity Registration No. 1134205


I have taken on the dual challenge of fundraising for our Royal Marines in need and Escaping the Dunker – a terrifying exercise all Royal Marines face as part of their arduous training to gain their green beret. So what will I be doing in September 2011? Well, I will be trained at the Underwater Escape Training Unit and then I will be strapped into a fuselage and required to escape from a frighteningly realistic simulation of a helicopter crash at sea, in the dark, upside down, using the correct procedure. The least you can do is sponsor me!

Why the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund?

The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund helps Royal Marines and their families when they need it most. They aid the wounded and injured. They give quality of life to those returning from operations. And when the worst happens, they support the families of those who die in service. The RMCTF has the widest purposes of almost any service charity - quite simply, the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund will help when others cannot.

Do have a look at the video at:

The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund


What is the Commando Spirit Series?

The Commando Spirit Series of events offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences to test your mettle and gain a rare and privileged insight into what it means to be a Royal Marines Commando today. The events will pit participants against some of the most formidable aspects of the Commando training, stretch them to achieve their fundraising commitment of £10,000 each and buddy them up with a former or serving Royal Marine who will provide motivation and encouragement when the going gets tough.

To find out more about how you could take the ultimate challenge visit 





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