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Harry my wonderful son was diagnosed at age 2. for JDRF because We want to help raise money for vital research

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  • Event: Midlands Walk to Cure Diabetes, 30 Sep 2012


We fund research into type 1 diabetes to find a cure for type 1 diabetes

Charity Registration No. 295716


2019 We still want to raise as much money as possible for JDRF please donate. 

2018 Sept Midlands JDRF walk completed along with ither fundraising and support events throughout the year.

September 2017 is our next big fundraising event for JDRF please sponsor my son now for his charity event.

We also want to dedicate our JDRF September 2017 walk to my friend Jo Green and her family in memory of their amazing son and brother to Molly, Tommy Green who passed away far too early at the age of 21 in May 2017 due to complications when Tommy had a sickness bug on top of his type 1 diabetes. We will be walking in honour of Tommy and with pride this day. 

Many thanks Jenny, Phill and Harry Potter  xxxx

2017 with  the help from Red Hot Chili Peppers who signed photos I took of them on their last 3 tours  when I was backstage at their gig Dec 2016 in Birmingham these photos have been auctioned off for JDRF  as well as 2 other charities see my website blog page. All money raised has gone to JDRF  the official JDRF events raised  so far in June 2017  3 photos were successfully auctioned off to inebriated happy bidder who bid £650 for this.  In July 2017 another auction took place and another photo was auctioned off together with a signed photo I took of Olly Murs bringing the total we  raised in a month to an additional £1000 which is in addition to the money raised on both my just giving JDRF accounts. Big thanks to RHCP and Olly Murs xx

25th September 2016 we have just completed our 6th JDRF charity walk. Thanks so much for everyone who has sponsored us. We have had a fab day and are always so proud of our son for being super amazing and never every complaining of what he had to go through each day, after our walk we had a fab time on all the roller coasters at Drayton Manor.

19th August 2016

We so much want to  raise more money for JDRF and participate in our 6th JDRF midland walk in September 2016. We need to raise a minimum of £150 to participate. Please please can you help with this even if you can only donate a £1 or a dollar we really really appreciate this.

X Jenny, Phill and Harry 

Every year we do this walk and it means so much to us to meet up with friends and to help raise money so that JDRF can do more research. Your kind donation means so much to us and all the other families we know who have children with type 1 diabetes. 

XXX Jenny, Phill and Harry 

Update on Harry.  Each year we do our midlands JDRF walk. We meet up with other mum's and children we know and we then after the walk go on all the roller coasters and rides and Drayton Manor where the walk is held. We are always so proud of our son for doing this walk. Please read and sponsor us. This site along with our other just giving site is a running total of all the fundraising we have done. We hope we can raise a lot this year. Please help.  Harry has had type 1 diabetes it will be 6 years on 3rd November 2016 Since being diagnosed Harry has had over 27375 blood tests and over 12775 insulin injections. During this time my son has been absolutely amazing. He is always Happy, active and doing lots of fun things. Our lives are always busy with many trips to the beach, woodlands, cycling, observing spiders and visiting behind the scenes at zoo to find out more about spiders as Harry wants to work with them. My son is amazing as even on the toughest of days where he can have bloods of 21.4 ml and then a few hours later bloods which are hypo under 4 ml despite all the symptoms he gets with high or low bloods he just is incredibly brave even when he has to have 5 to 8 injections a day and extra blood tests if active or on a growth spurt. Play centres make his bloods drop for hours even when giving extra juice, jelly sweets and carbs. But we do not make anything stop us and that is the key. We have taught Harry to make the most of every day to not feel sorry for himself and to show the world that he can still make his dreams reality and to not let type 1 diabetes get in the way. We always go On Lots of adventures and have lots of close friends who have children with type 1 diabetes.We would like you to help us and raise lots of money so more research can be done so that  new techniques in testing bloods, monitoring bloods, administering insulin can be found and also a cure for type 1 would be amazing. Thank you so much for donating.

 This is the background details of when Harry was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and what our days are like.My beautiful boy was rushed Into hospital on 3rd November 2010 at the age of 2 for one week he was fighting for his life after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which is an auto immune disease with no cure.It is when the body attacks itself and attacks the  pancreas thinking it is a virus and the body as a results no longer can produce insulin. My son had developed dka ketosis where the body is starving to death and was burning muscle to convert into energy as body was not producing insulin so Harry had high levels of ketones (acid in his blood)and his blood sugars levels were over 38 ml normal levels are between 5ml and 6 ml. My son had to be put on drips both in his arms and legs and have hourly blood tests. I can't begin to tell you how much this diagnosis devasted our lives. The first year we did everything we could to support our beautiful son and continue to do this now. It never gets easier with time people who do jot have a type 1 chikd say this but it doesn't. W did our best helping harry come to terms and try to understand his new life which was filled with lots of emotional times how can when your son asks you to take away his injections and bloods. what do you say?and do? to help support him. Injections at first were very difficult and scary for my son. Our lives were turned up side down and our day, night and early hours of the morning consisted of doing blood tests, carb counting, injections, hypo treatment and hyper treatments. Not many people understood what we were going through. With many people making silly comments like " he will grow out if it" " he will not know any different" he only has to have injections and bloods done big deal you are lucky he does not have cancer  "it could be alot worse or telling me true stories about their friend had complications and going into graphic details. You don't want to hear this when your son is only 2 you don't need to know that high blood will cause complications to heart, kidney,eyes nervous system if they remain high and your 3 monthly hba1c blood results are not good. You do not want to know That a percentage of his life has been reduced just by being diagnosed with type 1. You should be just doing fun things and not have all this worry Still people I know do not know that running around laughing,illness, crying, changes of temperature, having a bath, food you have eaten all affect blood  the friends we thought we had that we thought would be there did not want to know. It is a very isolating disease both for parents and children especially doing normal things like parties, holidays etc when people do not understand. How we coped was every day I helped my son by listening, giving him lots of cuddles, we have Lots of fun each day and also being  open how we felt. doing reward charts for his insulin injections. I made sure every day we lived life to the full and had lots of fun. There was no way type 1 diabetes  was going to take away our dreams for our family. The things that kept us going and were a positive focus was fundraising for juvenile diabetes research foundation we have done midland sponsor walk in 2012, we have arranged charity raffles, I have asked my clients to donate to my just giving sites instead of being paid for photography work. I have done photo shoots and donated to JDRF via my just giving sites. I have many more plans for fundraising so that new treatments and possibly a cure can be found. To get an understanding of how brave my boy is and all the children we know in the UK, USA, Australia, India and many other countries This is just a few thinge my brave and amazing son has to have done.My son has to have 5 injections every day for life so in 1 year that is 1825 injections. In 5 years that is 9125 injections. In 15 years that is 27,375 injections. I used to feel sick when my son just had his vaccinations now he has to have 5 injections.


My son is amazing, brave beautiful boy, he is very thoughtful and kind. He always has a happy disposition even in the toughest of days he still manages to smile, laugh, sing, tell jokes, dance. 

Every day harry can have further blood tests if he is running around, unwell or weather is extreme cold or heat. It is a nightmare when he had chicken pox tonsillitis, sickness bugs and urinary tract infections on top of having type 1 diabetes.



Below are a few of the things we have to do every day of my son's life. 

At 7am or earlier before I even give my son a cuddle i have to do his bloods then his food is weighed and carb counted and eaten.

At 7.45 am meal time insulin injection given.

At 8 am my son as his background insulin injection.

9.45 am snack weighed recorded and carbs counted and eaten.


11.45 bloods done for lunch, food weighed carb counted. 

12.20 meal time insulin injection given.

2.30 pm snack weighed,carb countied and eaten.


between 3.50 and 4.15 bloods done for tea food weighed and carb counted. Then meal time insulin injection. Given.


18.00 hrs to 18.20 hrs bloods tested for supper and providing under 10 ml supper given.


8pm background insulin given.

Before bed another blood tests as might have used all his  supper up and might have low bloods hypo so treatment may have to be given or if bloods 5 to 7 ml more food given so harry does not hypo later.

Between 10pm and 11.30 pm another blood test as Harry has night hypos. 

My son is only woken up at night if his blood sugar levels are hypo or near to hypo so he can have juice and food to bring up sugar levels. If his blood sugar levels are high due to growth hormones, being unwell he is given correction insulin injections to help bring levels down these I give to my son whilst he is asleep as can do them gently as not to disturb his sleep. 

Hypo is blood sugar levels of 4 ml or below. As my son has no hypo awareness he does not have symptoms when blood sugar levels drop. He has had hypo as low as 0.8 ml and 1.3 ml with no symptoms. Harry is then observed, monitored and tested around 2 to 3 more times during the night can be more as bloods drop at night due to daily activities migh then  can be done at 2 am then again at 4 am depending  on what levels are. If you fail to treat low bloods which are hypo where bloods are 4ml and below te Person, child, baby with type 1 diabetes can have seizure go into a coma or worse. Harry is not hypo aware and has had severe hypo of 1.3 ml before. So every day dealing with type 1 diabetes is 24 hour care. I never go to ed from 8pm until 7 am And sleep i probably have 2 hours of sleep a night if lucky but as long as my boy is safe and at no risk then this is my priority.


The people who have helped the most are the mum's who also have children with type 1 diabetes. We have  met up with many and keep In daily contact with more than 400 mum's. we also find strength In helping others and sponsor a little girl who has type 1 diabetes In India who can't afford insulin via a company calle (dream trust org) we consider ourselves to be by lucky and we make the most of every day with our son. Thank you for reading this.



If someone has low bloods a hypo which is blood sugar levels of 4 ml or below. Test bloods then if 4 ml or below give 100 ml of orange juice wait 15 mins keeping the person with type 1 diabetes calm and still, if they are unresponsive or unconscious phone 999 immediately after 15 minutes re test bloods if bloods overn4 ml then give a 15 gram carb snack example toast, bread and butter, biscuit and milk, 


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