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Jonartons Doodle Fundraiser

Raising money for for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity because it is a fantastic cause!

1016 %
raised of £250 target
by 153 supporters

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity

We support Birmingham Children's Hospital to improve the lives of sick children

Charity Registration No. 1160875


*anyone who does donate can you leave a comment with your username and where you have come here from, Facebook, Instagram, Email so I can find you for your photo.

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my fundraiser page. I'm a photorealism artist based in Birmingham, U.K and I've dedicated years of practice to develop my skills and get to the level I'm at today. I have even built a steady social media following, so much so people from all around the world started messaging me asking if I would do it for free!

One day, after far too many of these freebie requests, I mentally snapped and decided to send a poor effort silly doodle instead of the 'masterpiece' they were expecting. I laughed to myself so much that I began to do this with every request for free art, trying to find interesting and humorous ways to illustrate these ungrateful freeloaders. 

Sadly the requests kept there was only one thing to do! I would post these silly drawings online to raise awareness of my plight. Then maybe people would understand not to ask for free art.

The response to this was huge! My "free art" doodles were overwhelmingly popular, receiving tens of thousands of likes online. Far more than my actual art, that I'd dedicated so much time to!

Then overnight, it went viral! Being featured on websites like Boredpanda and I was getting sent articles from entertainment sites as far away as Russia and Taiwan! Surely now the word was out and people would understand that asking for free art is as bad as walking into Greggs and asking the nice lady for a free sausage roll...! If anything this has made it worse! The free art requests have quadrupled or fivetupled. I receive hundreds a day, there is just no rest! I am tortured by these messages. I can't sleep without a beep on my phone "ooh draw me like your snap chat girls lol" 

These doodles are now so popular people have offered to pay me for them. So instead of lining my own pockets I have decided to trade the cool hard cash for karma points. Which I believe are redeemable at Mcdonalds along with a bus ticket.

So to those of you on my social media who want one of these stupid doodles here's your chance and you can't accuse me of selling out because its going to a kids charity, so there!

If you are one of the strange people who have wanted to buy a silly doodle, then here's your chance. Anyone who donates £10 or above (there is no limit, so please be generous) will get one! It can be a picture of you, family, pets or even your favourite celebrity! 

Alternatively if you'd just like to make a donation because you've enjoyed the free art posts then all donations, of any amount, will be greatly appreciated. 

Don't let your memes be dreams,



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