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365 (+1) Handstands for East African Playgrounds

doing a 365 (+1) handstands for East African Playgrounds because all children deserve a playground

16 %
raised of £6,000 target
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  • Event: 365 (+1) Handstands

East African Playgrounds

We provide play based opportunities to the children of Uganda

Charity Registration No. 1172875


Article 31 of the UN ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child:

“The Right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child”.

Why handstand?
1) Handstands are fun and I want to get better at them
2) They remind me of my fun filled childhood (and I believe that every child deserves to have fun!)

 I am hoping to raise money and awareness for a small charity called East African Playgrounds which provide high quality, safe and fun playgrounds and play spaces. Each playground built uses the local materials along with a couple of specialist parts from the UK. They have a fully trained and experience team of Ugandan playground builders who construct each playground to the age specifications and requirements of the children at the school; to find out more please visit: http://www.eastafricanplaygrounds.org/

Rules of the challenge:

One handstand for every day of the year starting Feb 1, 2012 - Jan 31, 2013 with as many diverse backgrounds, angles, shapes, locations as possible.

Handstand (defined) - The act of balancing on the hands with one's feet in the air. (note: this does involve planks!).

The use of walls, individuals, etc for aid in balance is permitted (hey I'm no expert!).

***Special notice: in case of illness, the term handstand will be interpreted as needed, but photographic evidence will still be provided.*** 

Get involved?
1) Be a photographer!
2) Join me in the picture!
3) Spread the word!
4) Donate and make children happy!

Happy handstanding everyone!

PS. There are no apologies for the tummy exposure!

To view the photos of handstands please visit the following link (copy and paste into new browser): 



1) Why 6000GBP?  That's the cost of building one playground

2) I'd like to donate but am not in the UK?  No problem!  However, check with your bank to see whether they will charge you fees for converting the money into GBP.


  • Feb 26. City hall, Cardiff.
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