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Event: Stomp Out Suicide 2021, on 21 August 2021
In memory of Kaleb Lofboom
Stomp Out Suicide 2021
Campaign by Canvas Health Inc. (RCN 410955577)
Stomp Out Suicide and Canvas Health invite you to help raise money to support people struggling with crisis situations, mental illness, and substance use. Your fundraising efforts save lives!



I cannot believe that it has been another year without Kaleb.  Each year Kelci creates t-shirts for people to wear for the Stomp Out Suicide 5K and they all have a special meaning / message.  I want to start by sharing the messages behind those. Images of them can be found in the gallery.

Year one shirts / message:  Kaleb loved fishing, hunting, eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch and drinking chocolate Yoohoo!  His nieces couldn’t say his name just right, it sounded like Bubba so they called him Bubba, Yoohoo Bubba juice and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bubba cereal!  The shirts say Bubba on the back.

Year two shirts / message:  The poem on the back says it all!   

I've finished life's chores assigned to me, So put me on a boat headed out to sea.  Please send along my fishing pole For I've been invited to the fishin' hole.  Where every day is a day to fish, To fill your heart with every wish.  Don't worry, or feel sad for me,  I'm fishin' with the Master of the sea. We will miss each other for awhile, But you will come and bring your smile.  That won't be long you will see, Till we're together you and me.  To all of those that think of me, Be happy as I go out to sea.  If others wonder why I'm missin' Just tell 'em I've gone fishin 

Year three shirts / message:   One of Kaleb’s greatest qualities was his empathy for others.  If we all practiced having empathy for others more often, the world would be a much better place.  If we could really listen to some of the messages that those struggling with mental health share, recognize the impact we have on others (good or bad) and be better because of them and their lessons; we could truly save lives.  The poem on the back of the shirt says: 

"My hands will reach out to touch another because of you.  My feet will carry me through each day because of you.  My heart will grieve with strangers because of you.  My eyes will see a world with new meaning because of you.  I’d gladly give anything to have you back with me But, until that time, I will be kinder, love deeper, and live wild and free because of you. "            

Year four shirts / message: 
We all miss our loved ones when they are gone and hopefully, we can find a little comfort in the many amazing memories!  The back of the shirt says: 

Be the things you love most about the people who are gone.

While a little piece of our hearts went to heaven along with Kaleb, we smile through the tears and heartache thinking of the happiness, joy, and pride he brought us in his short time here. We miss him and pray he is holding us a spot:

With Covid impacting all of our lives for well over a year, a lot of light has been shed on mental health; but that isn’t enough to breakdown the stigmas around death by suicide.  The Stomp Out Suicide 5K helps in that each year it is held.   Whether you can afford to donate or not, please come join everyone on 8.21.21 as we come together and celebrate the lives of those we love, lost, and honor their memories, feel comfort by those with similar stories, or connect with someone who can offer a light at the end of your tunnel.  For those joining, we will be having a BBQ back at our house after.  I will be in touch via email closer to the 5K.  


As I write this, we are just entering our 3rd year without Kaleb
here on earth, I am finding it hard to put our thoughts / feelings into
words; so, I added our fundraiser / 5K messages from the first two years below. 
have been trying to focus / re-direct my thoughts of grief and pain to a happy thought, memory, or a short prayer thanking God for loaning us Kaleb and to Kaleb for giving us time even when he struggled to stay.  I hope that you can do the same; find gratitude when it is most difficult to see. Sometimes it is hard to share the fact that Kaleb died by suicide.  Not just because of the stigma around death by suicide, but, because I don’t want that to define Kaleb – he is so much more than that.  He is kind, protective, thoughtful, inventive, has the most beautiful blue eyes and warm (and often mischievous) smile.  He loves drawing, training dogs, any type of sports, hunting and fishing, hiking, and music.  He was so fun to be around, always willing to lend a hand, and always up for adventure. When I talk about Kaleb to someone new, I immediately think man I wish you would have known him; you would have loved him, and I want to share amazing stories and pictures.  With the Stomp Out Suicide being virtual this year (thank you Covid-19), we will have our own social distance Stomp Out Suicide and BBQ at our house.  


We are walking again this year.  I have to laugh when I say walking
because that is exactly what we did last year; it took us exactly 1:11:11 to cross the finish line!  But boy was it amazing!   Kaleb
did this 5k about 5 years ago and ran about a quarter of it with someone on his back. Kind of fitting for the weight he felt on a daily basis. Everyone who knows us knows how proud of Kaleb we are; he did everything 100%. He lost his 4-year battle with mental health 5.22.18.   I have been asked a few tough questions this past
year and I want to share them with you; more importantly my responses / thoughts.  

1.  If Kaleb loved you.... how could he have done this to you?
I am very confident in Kaleb knowing how much we love him and how much pain he knew we would be in.... but, that leads me to understand the magnitude of pain he must have been in every moment.   

2.   That leads to a second tough question:  How are you able to function?   

It’s not easy; but, I believe that Kaleb is in heaven looking down on us
and I want him to not feel guilt or shame..... I want him to be proud of
us - proud of our strength, love, endurance, and I want to set a good
example for our family and his beloved nieces and nephews, so we all join him in heaven.  

I share these tough questions, answers, and feelings because to me they fit this 5k / charity to a T.  It is about healing, families being
together, and fighting the stigma around Mental Health and Suicide!  
Whether you can afford to donate or not, please come join all of those walking, crawling, or running on 8.17.19......come together and celebrate the lives of those we love and honor their memories, feel comfort by those with similar stories, or connect with someone who can offer a light at the end of your tunnel. 


Come join us at the Stomp out Suicide 5K in loving memory of Kaleb Lofboom who passed away May 22, 2018. Kaleb did this run a couple years ago and it's a great way to not only honor his memory but also raise awareness for a great cause. One of the hardest parts of losing someone is learning to live without them, and that's one lesson we will never fully be able to grasp when it comes to Kaleb. We lost a son, a brother, an uncle, a best friend, and one of our biggest supporters. Everyone who knew him will never forget his eyes, his laugh, or his smile (all with a spark of mischief) Kaleb loved his family and friends so much and we can't thank everyone enough for being there for him. For 19 years we walked side by side with our best friend, our biggest fan, and our greatest protector; and he will continue to be all of those things, and more to us. The only thing we can do now is honor his life the best we know how. By always laughing, always chasing the next big catch, and raising hell whenever possible.  

About the campaign

Stomp Out Suicide and Canvas Health invite you to help raise money to support people struggling with crisis situations, mental illness, and substance use. Your fundraising efforts save lives!

About the charity

Celebrating more than 50 years of bringing hope, healing, and recovery to the lives of people we serve, Canvas Health is a nonprofit community-based agency that acts as a safety net for underserved people who struggle with mental illness, substance use, abuse, crisis, unstable housing, and trauma.

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