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Fundraising for Bowel and Cancer Research

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  • Event: Virgin London Marathon 2011, 17 Apr 2011

Bowel and Cancer Research

We fund bowel cancer & disease research to save and change lives

Charity Registration No. 1119105


The Race Sun 17th  April 2011
Loved the race it was amazing.  The crowds were brilliant and the atmosphere was electric.  It was a really hot day and the crowds were spraying us with water and handing out oranges and jelly babies. My legs went at 18 miles never experienced anything like it so from then on I had to power walk and run.  So I did it in 4:48:40 with a massive smile on my face and no injuries. 

Thank you to everyone who supported me for this run, to all the kind people who sponsored me, for my Mum who has been tirelessly raising sponsorship money, for Val who went with me to register, for Jeff who was always there and I know in my heart I would not have attempted anything like this without his help and support.  Thank you to Lorraine for the Kinesiology treatments, thank you to Linda for the 1:1 training and Pilates, thank you to Jo, Louise, John, Sally and Heather for the lovely massages. Thank you to Rebecca for looking after my kids when I did the long races. Thank you to Marion for house sitting while I did the marathon. Thank you to my kids for allowing me to do all the training without moaning and of cause a big thank to my dog Noodles for running all the long runs with me.  Just a massive big thank you to everyone.

Would I do it again?  Wait and see!!!!

Week beginning Mon 14th  March 2011
Ran Ashby 20 yesterday in 3:04hrs.  I loved every single step and definitely recommend this as a fantastic run.  Thank you to Jeff for being my backup support and encouraging me to do a sprint finish.

Thank you also for all the people of Southam who came to the Coffee Morning at the Craven Lane Hall and raised £117.60 on Sat 12th March.  Big big thank you.


Week beginning Mon 7th  March 2011
Ran Silverstone Half yesterday in 1:53hrs.  It was hard work, seeing all where you were running too and every mile you had a marker and your time.  I enjoyed it though and it was very well organised.  Just thinking about the Ashby 20 miler now this Sunday.  Just going to take it slow.  Big thank you once again for everyone who has sponsored me and given money to the charity.  Thank you. 


Week beginning Mon 21st Feb 2011
I have had a virus for 9 days.  Not good, but my right knee was starting to niggle due to all the road work and now it is 100% after the complete rest.  I had to pull out of the 30K due to the virus.  Today I fell better and did a Pilates class.  Feel good and strong again, back on the training program.  I have been raising loads of money for the charity.  Thank you so much to everyone for donating it is amazing how many people are able to give.  It is such a worth while course.

Week beginning Mon 7th Feb 2011
Ran the Watford half yesterday.  It was amazing and so hilly.  Did an OK time 1:52hrs but really enjoyed it.  Usually after a half I am totally shattered but due to the training I felt good and strong.  Yesterday was the first day I thought doing the 26 miles might be possible.

Week beginning Mon 31st Jan 2011
Training really going well.  Had a brilliant 1:1 personal trainer work out two weeks ago.  I now have a training schedule from Linda and my body is changing shape. Getting more muscles on the legs and feel I have so much more power.  Just want to enjoy it keep training and injury free.  Running the Watford half this coming Saturday and really looking forward to it.  Following week running 30K near Rutland Water.

Week beginning Mon 17th Jan 2011
Ran the “Not the Roman 9” yesterday (12K) all on road and loved it.  It was really hilly and great strength training.  Did a brilliant time too 1:05hrs thanks to my friend Mandy who kept pushing me.  It is all very well training with your dog but you really need to train with your mates who can push you that little bit more. Meeting up with Mandy this Thursday for some speed work.  Seeing Linda on Wednesday this week and she is going to do a 1:1 personal trainer work out.  If you need any personnel training check her out. 


Week beginning Mon 3rd Jan 2011
Ran the Huncote Hash yesterday and loved it.  Loads of mud and hills.  Ran it in 1:05hrs which is a pb as I usually run it in 1:15hrs.  Looking forward to getting really into the training.


Week beginning Mon 27th Dec 2010
Training during the festive session can be hard.  I did run Xmas morning which was brilliant in the crispy snow really breathe taking.  Training for the Huncote Hash on Sunday 2nd January.  Really looking forward to this, loads of mud!!!

People have been so kind and I have £248 pledged money on top of what I have collected.  Thank you so much for all your kind donations it is such a worth while charity.


Week beginning Mon 13th Dec 2010
Training going well and I have started a Pilate’s course this is proving very successful.  I feel stronger in my core and do not ache so much after the long runs.  I feel good.  Raised so far £386 which is brilliant.  I have been doing a little bit of fund raising at holistic events I have been attending and asking people at social events too.  Thank you everyone who have sponsored me.


Week beginning Mon 29th Nov 2010
been training in the snow this week.  It has been great fun.  Noodles my dog is my personal trainer and keeps me going.  Been doing loads of fund raising this weekend too.  Been doing Christmas Indulgence evenings and people have been so generous.  Thank you very much.





      Mission Statement - THE RIBBON OF HOPE

·         Many people have been touched by a tragedy of some kind In their lives.

·         By taking just a fleeting moment to think of a loved one, a friend, even a relative of an acquaintance, the connection that life is all too precious quickly becomes apparent in our busy schedule of date to day life.

·         So please let the spirit of those who have experienced such tragedy be a catalyst for you to help others.

·         By taking a ribbon with that person’s name on it, I, Karen Buckland will carry the spirit of that loved one with me on my Marathon, not only for you to remember that person, whether they lost their battle or in celebrating their recovery, but to help energise and support my quest to raise £2,400 for bowel and cancer research.

·         I hope to take at least 200 ribbons of remembrance with me as I run the London Marathon on Sunday April 17th 2011.

·         A ribbon will cost a minimum donation of £10.00 – but it is hoped that up to £20.00 per ribbon could be your donation.

·         Please let the spirit and memory of a loved one empower me to reach my goal and, by doing so, enable others in continuing the research to conquer this awful disease.



Been training in the snow this week.  It has been great fun.  Noodles my dog is my personal trainer and keeps me going.  Been doing loads of fund raising this weekend too.  Been doing Christmas Indulgence evenings and people have been so generous.  Thank you very much.


I have planned to run the London Marathon all my life and this year I feel ready to put it into action.

Choosing a charity was important to me, I want to raise money and awareness of a great cause.  My dear friend's father died this year of cancer and there was nothing they could do, it was devastating.  The charity I have chosen is Bowel and Cancer Research.


Approximately 35,000 people get bowel cancer year.  This represents about 1 in 8 new cancer cases in the UK.  It is the 2nd most common cause of cancer death, claiming  about 45 lives every single day.  If it is caught early enough prognosis is good in 90% of patents.  However, regrettably more than half are diagnosed to late when the cancer has started to spread making treatment much more difficult.


Saving Lives program.
This charity is currently pursuing ground breaking work on the role of the patient immunity in cancer therapy.  It is investigating the molecular structure of tumours in order to be able to  pinpoint those which are most aggressive and lead to poorer outcomes.  The molecular structure is entirely unique to Bowel and Cancer Research.


Changing Lives Program.
This charity is working on a project which will enable the conversion of large bowel into small bowel.  This impacts hugely on patients, as not so long ago this condition was uniformly fatal, even today mortality is high with one quarter of children and almost half of adults dying of the disease. Also under the scheme through pioneering surgery, the charity hopes that many people who have a colostomy bag to do without one.  If successful this will truly change the lives of so many people. 

Both programmes aim to deliver better diagnosis, therapy and ultimately survival rates for patients.

If you feel you are able to please donate to this very worth while cause.

I feel very humbled to be able to run for this charity and the good work that they do. Thank you for all your kindness and support



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