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Karma Group Penguin Walk

The Karma Group Penguin Walk raises funds for Christel House because it helps students secure University scholarships.

103 %
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  • Event: Karma Penguin Walk, 26 Sep 2017

Christel House

We help children from impoverished backgrounds escape the cycle of poverty by providing full time education with healthcare, nutrition, life skills and career planning. When they leave school we mentor our graduates for up to 5 more years ensuring a transition into further education or work.

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Dear past Penguin walker ( or Penguin enthusiast!!) 

We hope that you will join your fellow waddlers again this year and head off into the dark woods in search of a decent feed!

This year the promenade will proceed on Tuesday, 26 Sept 2017.

The first year we visited Club 55... the second... Auberge de la Mole.... this year the destination for thirsty and hungry penguins will be .. CHEZ GUY

This is a country restaurant which specializes in ( and is nationally famous for) truffles.... ( obviously penguins like nothing more than rooting for les truffes on an average day in the Antarctic!!)

Apart from the fact that it's a great Michelin star restaurant with a savage wine list there are several things to cheer the hearts of all our flippered friends.

1. The route takes in several great vineyards on the plains of Vidaubin.. including one where we will rest poorly flippers and get our beaks into some wine tasting.

2. We will stop for refreshing and medicinal beers in the village of Vidaubin in order to ensure the correct level of hydration is maintained at all times. 

3. The route is the shortest yet at approx 23kms !!! ( for Peter and those that I can hear moaning that this is simply not enough of a challenge for hardened ultra marathon Penguins then there is, of course, the option to walk back to Préverger after lunch!!! I will of course personally have to take a taxi to ensure the house is ready but please don't let that put you off!!) 

As always it's for the kids at Christel house and our efforts over the last years have made a serious difference to the lives of many people.
I know they thank you for all the money you have raised and once again please let's try and break our record and create real positive outcomes from our waddling.

So please as usual respond with

1. It's in the diary... I am already training... ask Hervé to get extra wine in and the chef to load me with carbs the night before... My sponsorship form is ready to be filled and I am salivating at the thought of a truffle feast.

2. I hate walking... I hate truffles... and I have booked root canal surgery that day so that I have a valid excuse. Please take me off the mailing list and in particular stop any telemarketers from India calling me!!

3. I am going to fence sit and see if a better offer comes up for my time that day... please hold me a place but don't be surprised if I tell you at 12 the day before that I am busy!!!

Please also feel free to pass this on to other people who you feel may want to walk and have all the required attributes to be ' un Penguin de Préverger !'

Hope to see many of you there.

John and Nanette Spence


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