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Kasm Family Eid Carnival Campaign

Fundraising for INARA
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Eid Al Fitr, 7 May 2022
Participants: Eid Al Fitr
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We help conflict impacted children to get the medical care they need


This Ramadan season, we have chosen to fundraise for INARA because of the direct impact they have on war impacted children's lives. Please help us reach our goal and donate to change a child’s life and build happier and healthier futures for child survivors of conflict. 

It is especially relevant during Ramadan, the season of giving. During the month of Ramadan, children usually receive Eidiye, which is money they get from their family and relatives to spend on toys, candies, and Eid clothing. It is a tradition that dates back centuries.

This year we are asking you to give an Eidiye donation to the conflict impacted children at INARA!  What better gift can you give a wounded or ill child than health? With your Eidiye donation, they will be able to receive the treatment they desperately need.

Please help us and INARA reach our goal to raise enough funds to heal 16 injured refugee children this Ramadan season. 

Giving Eidiye to INARA’s children gives them their health and agency back. Giving is beautiful in all its forms, so please give Eidiye today and donate here to heal these children’s visible and invisible scars. 

And here is some more information about INARA and their work- 

INARA works in Lebanon and Turkey with children from conflict areas who have suffered from physical and psychological harm. INARA fully covers and finances beneficiaries’ medical treatment, giving them free of charge care until they are fully healed from their injuries. Simultaneously, INARA provides case management and mental health services to combat trauma and provide holistic care and a support system for the child and their family.

INARA's vision is a world where no child impacted by conflict is left untreated. Any amount you donate is greatly appreciated!

About the charity

RCN 465355232
We step in to fill the gaps in access to medical treatment when not provided by other institutions or non-profits, including financial assistance where needed. We do not compete with, but complement pre-existing medical facilities by building partnerships in order to secure reduced or pro bono care. We provide a dedicated caseworker to each child. They establish the link between the vulnerable children that we work with and a network of medical providers. We follow the case from the beginning of treatment to the end, including through the rehabilitation stages.

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