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Kate FEMINHISM Radford

Running the London Marathon! for Womankind Worldwide because they bloody deserve it.

100 %
raised of £2,500 target
by 95 supporters
  • Team members: feminhism
  • Event: Virgin London Marathon 2016, 24 Apr 2016

Womankind Worldwide

We support women and girls to claim their rights & change their lives

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Hey Everyone!

So Here we are, nearly there to reaching the target for this amazing charity. Running this year completely changed my life, some good some bad. The marathon is a feat, it is far, and i look back on April and sometimes I get overwhelmed because I honestly can't believe I did it. I can't believe i was capable. I can't believe that I managed to change how I see myself in such a short period of time. Since then my life has been different. I have been different. Say Yes week told me that If i believed I could then I would. And the marathon proved it. Now, I don't tell myself I can't do things, because look at what you can achieve if you do. Mentally, it has taught me a lot, about self-doubt. About learning what to listen to, and about fighting the feelings of worthlessness that can plague you. Physically, well. I was hoping that I would loose two stone and turn into a pinterest dream. That didn't happen. I shed a little bit of weight sure, I'm definitely more agile than I used to be, but also running, and learning how to run in such a short space of time had a huge affect on my body. I'm now seeing a physio, because of the compression in the backs of my calves and my ankles. I haven't been able to run for over a month now, and I'm still waiting to know when I'll be set and ready to go out. Its resulted in nerve swelling, and joint pain not only in my ankles but then up to my hips. I thought from going to the running shop I had the right footwear, I was wrong.... I thought that because It didn't hurt I was probably ok! I was wrong.... Please remember that running is amazing, mentally and physically, but listen to your body, see the experts and for gods sake buy the right trainers... I did as I was told, not what was right for me, and now I'm having to unlearn a lot of bad habits! I'm doing physic exercises daily, heat packs, massage, more than I did even after the marathon to get my legs back in shape again. Bonus?.... Aparrantly heels are better for my feet. Finally an excuse to wear the glittery shoes everyday! 

I know for some people, running, marathons is a dash in the pan. But I also know, for some people, like me. It's more than I ever thought I could do. Because it was for a cause thats bigger than me. For a fight that consumes our world. And for women that would run if they could. 

Please. If you can. Share/like/support/donate. If all of my Facebook friends donated £3 I would have exceeded my target. The donations so far have been by 88 people, and they have been of hugely generous amounts. Whether you can spare £1, £5, £20, £50- why not end whats been a crazy year by giving to something that will do good. 


That's right, Kate -Pinot Grigio- Radford, is running the marathon. As some of you know I do run now, causal runs nothing fancy, and this is by far going to be the hardest undertaking i've ever signed myself up for. For those that follow the blog, this was part of SAY YES week, putting myself forward for things I would otherwise say I couldn't do, and is by far the best thing that came out of that week, along with attending the Feminism in London conference.

So, why Womankind, well they are an amazing charity, that works with changing legislation, and focusing on international women's security, working worldwide for the safety of women, as well as supporting women in politics, and ending violence against women. I saw Abigail from Womankind speak at the conference, and made me even more eager to support the charity.

It's going to be hard. Really hard. And I am whole heartedly asking for your help and support. If you are not in a position to donate, than even with words of encouragement and a pot of herbal tea.

Follow my progress via the blog:

Thank you.

K x


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