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Running for my sister ... praying for a cure

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  • Event: Brighton Marathon 2012, 15 Apr 2012


We fund biomedical research into ME to create a strategy for cure/treatment

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hello all, my name is Laura ... I am 31 and mum to my amzing daughter who is nearly 12, she makes my life complete everyday. 

But this page and this journey im on is for my sister kerryn who is 33 and for the last 10 years has had the awful illness M.E!! for those of you that do not know the illness or don't understand it, or have heard rumours that it is all in the mind.. please take a moment to share my story from a loved ones side.

My sister first returned home from doing an Art degree in 1999, this was not by choice but due to the start of this illness that at this point we knew nothing about, all I knew as her sister was my incredible.. VERY TALENTED, full of life sister was now spending everyday in bed, wanting quiet and suffering terrible panic attacks. She suffered constant pains and getting through her day was minute by minute, not knowing what the day would hold.

After months of suffering and more doctors appointments that i care to remember, she finally saw a specialist and was diagnosed with M.E, at this point all we could do was research the illness and deal with the fate that she had been blown... I just wish everyone that questions this illness would read about it or ask us and not make the comments that to this day hurt and haunt our family. 

Please let me tell you, as her sister we have been through alot over the years and this made us even closer and the love you share with a sister is not one easily explained, but for me there are no words. i can't sum up what an incredible person she is. So let me tell you.. when she lays in bed hour after hour in pain and feeling not even half of the person she used to be, or when im helping her to the toilet or bathing her... or giving her a cuddle while she crys, because what more can I do.. I then Think running this Marathon, yes it's going to be tough, yes I ache all over and yes  it will take me hours im sure. But if by doing that and by making her proud and if by some miracle enough people might start to care about this illness, then could we find a cure..then I could have my sister back??

I get very few days where my sister can come out with us as a family and far to often it's in a wheelchair, but on those rare days I get to see her smile through the pain and when she is with my daughter I get to see her pretend she has no pain and will sit and talk for hours with her. Then I can also smile and pretend im ok. The truth is, there is not one minute of one day im ok.. she is my big sister and I am watching her life pass her by and it breaks my heart. I feel bad when I can do things she can't, my heart aches everytime im somewhere she's not, because we have always been two and far too often im now one.

I know with all my heart that what I am doing is going to be worth every second, and even if it still takes time to find a cure, I will know that i have done all I can to help. 

I ask you all if you know me or if you don't... If you could sponser me any amount, grateful is not even enough of a word. I thank you in advance and I will run for each and every one of you that sponser me.

To my sister Kerryn.. I would like to dedicate this page to you, and one day when your well, we will look back on this and smile together. You are so loved xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx





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