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Leicester Masaya Link Group

The Leicester Masaya Link Group (LMLG) co-ordinates the town twinning link between Leicester and the city of Masaya in Nicaragua. It works towards the relief of poverty by supporting partnerships for sustainable development in the Masaya region and helps to raise awareness of global issues through educational projects across all sectors of the community in Leicester and the surrounding area.

Charity Registration No. 1088684


Masaya is a small city in Nicaragua which for more than twenty years has been linked with Leicester in the UK. The Leicester Masaya Link Group raises funds for and carries out projects in Masaya, working through a local community-based organisation (ADIC) and the group’s local volunteer (John Perry).

The group’s current initiatives through ADIC include:
•    installing solar panels to provide electricity in areas remote from the grid
•    raising environmental awareness - working with children to learn the value of tree-planting and to plant trees in their school and near their homes
•    a sustainable agriculture project in small farms in the community of El Pochote.

Read more about the Leicester Masaya Link Group at our website, or download John's bulletins here to see how the organisation's work has already made a difference to the lives of many people in Masaya.

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  • A Masaya family with their solar panel