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"There are no unwanted children, just unfound families"

Fundraising throughout November for Adoption UK because they're out there and they need a home..

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Adoption UK

Adoption UK has been supporting adopted children and adoptive families for over 40 years and is the leading charity providing information, community and advocacy for all those parenting or supporting children who cannot live with their birth parents.

Charity Registration No. 1160647


I don't usually go out of my way to promote things and rarely fund raise. Not least of all because I feel people will contribute in their own way themselves if they really want to and I hate the idea of someone giving out of guilt.

Anyone going through the adoption process will know what an absolute roller-coaster it is. You're eyes get opened very very wide to the "system" and it's people. Those involved in removing children and finding them homes. You are exposed to the situation. The sheer numbers. And worst of all, the beautiful faces. The fact is, today children aren't given away out of a desire to do right by them. They are removed from parents that are no longer able to keep them safe from others, from themselves. You hear about some of the extreme cases like Baby P. You don't hear about the ones that have to endure such suffering but are lucky enough to be removed to foster carers and then adoptive parents that want to provide a loving, stable, home for life. But it doesn't end there.. abuse of any form (neglect, physical, sexual, psychological, even indifference..) can impact a child and their ability to reconnect with the world and trust people enough to move forward. And that's where AdoptionUK comes in.

AdoptionUK provides valuable resources and support, online communities, conferences, training, legal support and other helplines for families before before and after adoption for as long as it's needed. They have been a huge support to us already.  

So now, as a soon to be adoptive parent, I'm standing on my box and having a good shout.. and that's why I'm so proud to have become an Ambassador for World Adoption Day and will be fundraising for AdoptionUK throughout November in support of National Adoption Week.

I've been blogging and tweeting through our wonderful and exhausting journey for some time now as Lily's Mum. Partly for anonymity. Lily isn't real.. she's a hope and a prayer. The name of the child of my dreams. Only not a dream.. She's out there now and though she might not know it yet.. but I'm her mum. And I want to do my bit to support those supporting us.

So thank you for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

I'm going to use this page to keep a tally of everything I manage to raise and for anyone that can't buy a slice of cake, a book or handbag but would like to contribute.. please..  click the button.

Thank you x

The events I'm planning include:

  • A bake sale every Monday in November in the building where I work
  • An eBay auction for all of the books I've accumulated and read so far on adoption
  • An eBay auction for all of my lovely handbags (Ok! Not all of them)
  • A Stuff & Promises Auction and Raffle at my annual Christmas Party run by Santa


  • World Adoption Day
  • 5 BAKE SALES! +2