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Little Bunny Bear's Christmas Appeal

We are helping local children get what they need for Zarach because otherwise these children will be hungry and cold

101 %
raised of £240 target
by 12 supporters


We deliver beds to children that live in poverty.

Charity Registration No. 1179539


Right here there are children going to sleep hungry and cold without a proper bed of their own. How can they possibly have a chance to succeed at life without such basic things being taken for granted? They deserve better and we can help. 

Here at Little Bunny Bear, we believe that businesses who succeed have a duty to help others. That's why we’ve built charitable giving into our business.  We donate 10% percentage of all our profits to charity and at the end of the year,  as I make the Little Bunny Bear donation, I believe that we are doing something meaningful and worthwhile.

  • This year, I will be able to donate £120 and I am asking all my supporters to help me double that. Everything you give will be donated directly to Zarach. 

Little Bunny Bear exists to support parents with potty training and zero waste parenting. You can find out more about our work via 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here's the post that sparked my interest in Zarach and made me realise how much we have to give: 

"Final post of the week and the toughest I've written. 

Tonight I was reminded of how important what we do is. It's so much more than beds. It's hope. It's community. It's giving a voice to those who struggle to be heard.

When we receive a referral from a school, before we deliver any beds we go and complete a home visit. This week Julie Pickering, my legend of a support worker, messaged me to say she'd just finished her saddest visit to date.

After work today at 7pm I drove to visit this family. When I knocked on the door a scared looking mum peered through the bedsheet that was put up over the window as no curtains. She shook her head. I tried to show her my Zarach ID badge but she just kept shaking her head. I then ran to my car to get the amazing 2 huge Christmas food parcels donated by a colleague from school and held up the food to show her. She opened the door, saw the food and burst into tears. 

She's a single WORKING mum with two children. She pays £500 rent a month. She's on a zero hours contract and recently the company she works for have suddenly dropped her hours from 5 days 9:30-2:30 to two half days leaving her unable to afford to live.

Her housing is beyond substandard. She's been bidding for a council house for 2 years to no avail. I won't go in to all the details of her personal circumstances as they are so complex but tonight I spent two hours with her going through solicitors and letting agent paper work and this mum has FOUGHT HARD for a better life for her family putting her children first at every turn. 

The house has smashed windows, broken and missing doors and gaping holes in the walls and ceilings where furniture and fittings have been removed. The house is cold because the external doors don't shut despite mum having fashioned an old T-shirt as a door tie. There is a gas cooker but nowhere to plumb it in so it is useless and mum cooks on a single electric hob that takes ages to heat anything up and is expensive to run. What meal can you actually cook on one hob?

Her home is clean and tidy. When I walked in she picked up her child's shoes and her coat that were at the foot of the stairs, the only things out of place, and apologised for how messy it was. Despite her situation she is still house proud. 

Her bedroom doesn't have a bed or a door. At the top of her stairs was a huge piece of wood she'd found on the street in a skip and dragged home to bring in as she wanted to try make a door out of it to keep her room warm.

Tonight just before I left, I watched her five year old go to sleep on a chair with a blanket where a mouse ran out of one of the holes in the wall about 6 inches from his head. She cried again. Said it happened all the time. She had loads of videos of mice and rats in the house on her phone. She has used her hard earned money and paid twice in the past for extermination but due to the holes and gaps they keep coming back. It's simply not good enough. She's choosing between electricity, heating or food on a daily basis and rapidly falling in to debt through asking for advancements on her wages.

Tonight's food delivery marks just the start of the support she'll receive from Zarach as we have the voice and the networks to hopefully help totally change her situation."

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you for your support. 

Little Bunny Bear exists to support parents with potty training and zero waste parenting. You can find out more about our work via