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Ataxia UK

Ataxia is a type of neurological condition that affects balance, speech, and co-ordination. Ataxia is progressive, meaning it gets worse with time, until people become entirely dependent on others for all their needs. Over 10,000 people in the UK have ataxia and there is currently no cure. Ataxia UK is the national charity for people affected by ataxia. We provide unique services and support, including a dedicated helpline and advocacy service; events and conferences where people can meet and share information; a quarterly magazine; a website with lots of information and a discussion forum; publications, films, and reports. As well as our specialist services, in the last five years we have spent over £3 million on research into possible treatments and cures for ataxia. Our vision is a world without ataxia and, with the help of our brilliant supporters, we are working towards this every day.


Louis Ttofa was an amazing man whose passion for life and for making other people smile never diminished even after his life changed so dramatically with cerebellar ataxia.

As he was someone who spent so much of his life raising money for important charitable causes, and to helping others, it seems fitting that we raise money for Ataxia UK in his memory.

There are currently no treatments for idiopathic (of no known cause) cerebellar ataxia and we are a long way off from finding a cure.  We hope that the money raised in Louis' memory will go towards funding research into this devastating condition. 

Not only does Ataxia UK fund vitally important research, the charity supports families, like ours, living with the condition. The support and information they gave us was invaluable and we hope we can help them to help others in the future.

Thank you for your support.