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Poppy's charity to raise money for cooling treatment

because cooling saved our Poppy and will save more for Aneurin Bevan Local Health Board because to help save future oxgen deprived babies

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Aneurin Bevan Local Health Board

An umbrella charity that uses funds to enhance services delivered by Aneurin Bevan Local Health Board, formally Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust . Funds are utilised for patient welfare and amenities, purchase of equipment and staff education and welfare. Every donation is gratefully received and makes a big difference to individual services and the care each hospital provides.


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Our daughter Poppy was born 30th of May and had an extremley tough birth which caused her to be born not breathing and was without oxygen for 12 minutes. When she was finally brought to life she was unable to breathe and had suffered organ failure and brain damage. She was transferred to the Royal Gwent for life saving cooling treatment where she was placed on a cooling matt for 72 hours. Once warmed back up Poppy was taken off ventilation and was able to breathe alone and her brain activity was back to normal and her organs had healed and were all working normally. Poppy spent 5 weeks in hospital and is now 7 months old and is meeting all developmental milestones so far. She is perfect and amazing! I can not stress enough that without this treatment Poppy would not be here today. The sooner babies get put on the cooling the better outcome so for cooling to be put in to the transport its so important and can save so many babies lifes and give them a better outcome for their life.

What is the cooling technique?

The cooling technique - A pioneering treatment that can save lives. A baby who is oxygen deprived at birth (Asphyxia ) Has a high chance of severe brain damage. Brain damage does not occur straight away. Cells can take hours to die after birth. If the cooling technique is started within 6 hours of a baby being born there is a chance brain damage can be prevented or reduced. The baby is placed on a blanket. The blanket has tubes running through it supplied with water. The baby has a probe in their bottom which provides the machine with their core temperature reading. The machine can then calculate how cold the water which pumps through the tubes should be. The babys temperature is kept low for 72 hours. Lowering the temp and slowing the whole body function is very beneficial. As well as the brain, all the organs are able to repair themselves after trauma. Asphyxia puts the whole body under strain so cooling really can make a difference. The baby is sedated and on morphine so they should not feel discomfort although they will shiver regularly They also will have probes placed into the scalp which will feed information to a Cerebral function monitor. This machine will monitor brain waves and can detect fitting. Fitting can occur when baby is warmed up and needs constant monitoring so doctors can treat the baby correctly. A cooling machine costs around £15,000. The blankets and other wires and probes cost around £300. A cerebral function monitor costs £16,000. So for around £31,000 *hundreds* of baby's lives can be changed and even saved .

Thank you for taking time to read our story and please donate all you can to help xxx


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