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Eda Trotter

Fundraising for Bloodwise (formerly Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research)

90 %
raised of £2,500 target
by 115 supporters

Bloodwise (formerly Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research)

We fund research and provide support to improve blood cancer patients' lives

Charity Registration No. 216032


                                  Hello and Welcome

Thanks for stopping by.  This page is dedicated to the memory of my mam, Eda Trotter, who sadly passed away on 21st October 2005. 

Because she died from Leukaemia, and regularly donated to the Leukaemia Research Fund, I've opened this page so that people can make donations to the charity in her memory.

I've changed the target more times than I can count now, but I like moving the goalposts as it means people are still thinking about memam and still donating! So please give what you can, when you can and lets keep her memory very much alive!!

Thanks all :)


PS: You can contact me at: J4yne85@gmail.com 



26/01/06 - £100 Target (reached within 10 mins)

26/01/06 - £250 Target (£180 reached within an hour so upped to £500)

26/01/06 - Upped the target to £1000 because everytime I put something in you keep beating me!! Keep it up.  We have made £450 in ONE DAY and that's not including the tax aid!!!

29/06/06 - Not written anything here for a while because reaching the £1000 mark took a little more time, plus, as to be expected the donations haven't been coming in as quickly after the first buzz in the first few days of it being up and running.  Anyway, many of you will already know the significance of the date in bold, but it was her 51st birthday for those of you who don't know, and her first birthday not with us.  So it couldn't have been a better day for us to reach the target.  As usual, I've increased the target; this time to £1250.  We're only £200 away from it, so we should find this one easy.  Fingers crossed eh?

21/10/06 - Happy first Eda Day! Shame that today wasn't the day we met our next target, but thank you to everyone who joined the party by donating!  I can't think of a better way to mark such a sad occasion.

02/01/07 - Finally hit the £1,500 mark! Get in - well done one and all! I've extended the target by £250, but unless we can get the page kept open (it expires before the end of the month) I'm not convinced we will make it! Prove me wrong! Come on guys, dig deep and give what you can, it's for a really good cause!  I have also got the page extended until the end of Feb, and am looking into further extensions as I type!

14/01/07 - Got the page extended til the end of this year! Keep those donations coming in!

16/04/07 - Slghtly unrelated, but RIP Nana B.  Anyway, to the point.  I've added 'tags' to the page (scroll to the bottom).  If you click on them then it'll link to other pages with the same search terms. If you think of any that aren't there but should be (I've probably missed an obvious one, I am blonde after all) then mail me with it, if I agree, I'll add it (I've reached the max so I will need to remove one if you do!)  Keep up the good work guys, less than £100 to go to the next target then I'll boost it to £2000! wow!

30/06/07 - The day after memam's 52nd birthday and we have reached the £1,750 mark.  Whooohooo thanks!  The donations aren't coming in so thick and fast now, but I'm still quietly confident that we will hit that £2,000 mark before the page closes! 

30/12/07 - Wow! You can add this to your facebook now so go and do it!  I am desperately trying to get the page extended until the end of next year - keep your fingers crossed for me!

19/06/08 - Been a while huh?  Good news!!  I recieved an email today from a reporter from the Evening Gazette who would like to run a story about this website! Wow!  Keep your fingers crossed that something comes of it!

29/06/08 - Happy 53rd Birthday to memam!  We have reached our next target finally and so I've raised it to £2250.  Please, please, please keep donating, lets see how far we can go

13/07/08 - Well, the article was printed in the Evening Gazette about the website - although I didn't know!  I only found out by accident!  You can see a copy of the article online here - http://ts15.gazettelive.co.uk/2008/07/cash_raised_in_edas_memory.html  I'm trying to get hold of the original story - if you can help, please email me

15/02/09 - Happy (rather belated, admittedly, sorry about that!) New Year! Well, obviously the page has been extended again.  Thankfully, JustGiving now appears to have added a feature to their website where anyone can get the page updated just my filling in a form, so I didn't need to email them again.  I find it hard to believe that this site has now been going for over three years!  Wow!  And the donations are still continuing to come in!

In other news - Michael and I got married in December last year.  Although memam wasn't there in body, she was certainly in attendance in spirit, and she certainly wasn't forgotten by anyone!!  As I met Michael at the end of the isle and we started to sing the first hymn (I watch the Sunrise) we lit a candle together in memory of memam.  This candle was then transferred to the reception venue, where it was relit and sat alongside a photograph of memam on her wedding day!

She was also remembered by my dad during his speech, and he asked to propose a toast to her, as well as the Bride and Groom.

It was a fantastic day, and I am sad that she missed it, but I know she was there really watching over us all (besides, I had my pretend mum's there, aka bridesmaids, making sure everything was perfect!)

22/01/10 - Well another new year and here we are still going strong!  I got the page updated again - this time until the year 9999!!  Are you impressed?  I was - start writing the address down in your will now for your great-great-great-great-great grandchildren to pass on!  On another note, we've had 2 anonymous donations since November.  I'd like to thank these generous people for these donations, since I know without you leaving your email address you won't have got my thank you letter!  Thanks again :D


Thanks again, Jayne x

PS - check out how much tax aid we have added to the donations as well!



  • Eda with her two kids :D
  • Eda's primary school photo!
  • Eda in her corner of the George!