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Making History with a fundraiser in honour of Toby Whithouse - Creator of Being Human

Fundraising for Amnesty International UK

106 %
raised of £2,000 target
by 145 supporters
  • Event: In Thanks to Toby Whithouse - Creator of Being Human, 08 Sep 2013

Amnesty International UK

We protect human rights to create a safer, more just world.

Charity Registration No. 1051681


"Right then, so what do we do now?" - Tom

"Save the World, you know, the usual." - Hal

(Being Human, Exclusive DVD scene, BBC)



“In this little enclave of the lost, I witnessed the very best of being human.” - Annie

(Being Human Series 3 Episode 1)


A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, but especially to all you kind and generous people for donating and for all the wonderful messages you left for us to read.


Thanks to Damien Molony for personalizing the label to the Show No Mercy quilt.

Thanks to Laura Cotton for donating the fireguard from Hal’s bedroom.

Thanks to Marcus Whitney for donating the set of werewolf fingertip/claws.

Thanks to Richard Wells for donating the signed copy of Being Human soundtrack.


Thanks to SFX magazine, SciFiNow magazine, James Hoare, CultBox, and Rob Smedley for promoting this fundraiser as well as countless others that tweeted, re-tweeted, tumbled and facebooked it, including Damien Molony Forum, Being Human Forum, Sarah Dollard, and many many Being Human bloggers, tweeters, forumers, fans.  And extra special thanks to MancVamp for organizing, planning, liaisoning, encouraging.  


Thanks to Toby Whithouse FOR EVERYTHING - for the Brilliant show that brought us all together, for the inspiration to raise money for Amnesty, for the personalized and signed script.  Look out for his new show The Game, for BBC One, coming soon.



Quilt - @kimberfly33

Script - @peacockgemstone

Fireguard - Amanda

Claws - Quinn (@callmemeg13)

Soundtrack - @scifygeek


*UPDATE: Amanda, who sadly cannot have the fireguard, has nominated @ShoePigeon from the list


A few months ago I made a quilt replicating the 'Show No Mercy' poster from my favourite Being Human episode - S4E7: Making History - for Damien Molony.  More details about that can be found here:


I wanted to make another quilt and raffle it off for charity and after a little help from the lovely MancVamp and Toby Whithouse, I made this page. Lord Toby said how much he has always admired Amnesty International and will be donating a signed and personalized Making History script for one lucky winner if we meet our target of £2,000.


In addition you can win the fireplace guard from Hal's bedroom.  More info and pictures here -->

or a set of Werewolf finger-tip Claws.  More info and pictures here -->


And the best bit? Winners of the four prizes will be picked on Sunday, 8th of September, Hal's recruitment day.  YAY!  So, the last day to donate will be Saturday, 7th of September. And Damien Molony has kindly personalized the quilt with a message on the back!


Proper Dead Important Stuff:




-  Minimum donation required by this site is £2. Every donation counts as one entry and increments of £5 count as additional entries. ie, £2=1 entry, £5 = 1 entry, £25 = 5 entries.

-  Winners will be picked randomly.  Whether you donate your entire amount in one shot, or donate multiple times we will attribute to each unique donor the correct amount of entries, then assign numbers randomly.  If you do donate multiple times, be sure to use the same name.

-  When you donate you can change the name on your message to your Blogger Name or online moniker, or even to ‘anonymous’.  This is separate from keeping your personal details secret from the fundraiser.  If you leave a message as ‘anonymous’ and you have shared your personal details we will count you in the raffle.  If you do not share your personal details but leave a contactable (ie your blogger) name, we will count you in the raffle.  

-  Completely anonymous donations are welcome (not sharing your personal details AND leaving an ‘anonymous’ message) but will not be eligible for the raffle.

-  You can donate from any country using Paypal.  You will be donating in GBP, but Paypal automatically converts to your currency at the current exchange rate. It's really easy to do.

-  This is important: Because we are offering a prize for donating, UK tax laws specify that you are not allowed to 'gift aid'.  It is unfortunate but it is the law.


Please, everyone, leave Lord Toby lots of love and donate.  This is your chance to tell him what Being Human means to you.


The Inspiration:


"My feeling is that, now the show has stopped being made, the characters belong to the fans."

(Toby Whithouse, creator of Being Human)


Read Toby's Farewell blog.  Just keep a brown silk hankie or tissues handy:


From the beginning Being Human has had a strong connection with fans.  It has sparked camaraderie and creativity, uplifted many from drab times and has indeed made us look at the world in a whole new way.  When the announcement was made that series 5 was the final series of Being Human, the fandom went into mourning.  We were dumbfounded and asked what we could do.  Many cries for a petition, a fundraiser, something like Kickstarter, were heard.  As Lord Toby said, the bloggers and fans helped nourish this show before.  Unfortunately, what we'd like to do, to get MORE of our beloved show, isn't something we fans have control over.


But I felt I had to do something.  For me, as for so many others, Being Human isn't just a show to watch. It has had an enormous impact in my life. Because of the BBC Being Human blog, I made many friends, shared many wonderful moments and conversations, and I’ve been inspired to create, not just in something I’m already comfortable with, quilting, but also in something I never thought I was capable of doing, writing.  With the encouragement of other fanfiction writers I’ve embraced Lord Toby’s offer for the fans to take the characters into new adventures and have created my little piece of Being Human heaven.  It’s been quite an addicting adventure!  I want to show how THANKFUL I am that Being Human was brought into my life and to celebrate the continuing ties that bind us together. That’s where this fundraiser comes in.


Toby, you truly are an inspiration in so many ways.  You didn't just create an incredible show, rich with drama and humour, taking us through every human emotion possible with characters that we grew to love (or hate), that we sympathized with and rooted for.  You also created a fandom, a family. Thank You from the bottom of our human hearts.  Being Human will live in our hearts forever.


xx whimsy


  • SHOW NO MERCY quilt sent to Damien Molony
  • Bid for me or I'll bite you...Totally worth it.  - Damien Molony
  • Personalized label on back by Damien Molony +6