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Martin Rudman

Martin's Tree-Top Terror

Confronting my fear of heights to raise funds for Team Poundie because Reg made me do it!

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raised of £500 target
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Team Poundie

We raise funds to get dogs to safety to SAVE THEIR LIVES

Charity Registration No. 1166962


Despite my successful sponsored bungee jump two years ago I am still terrified of heights - in a manly way of course!  So imagine my delight when I opened the birthday card Reg had left for me and found it contained a 'tree-top challenge' voucher just to prove that even from dog-heaven Reg rules.

When I say 'delight' I am of course lying - what I felt was not 'delight' and didn't even start with a 'D'!  However, risking the loss of my dignity is nothing if it raises funds to help save the lives of abandoned, neglected and cruelly treated dogs 

Once again I will be raising funds for Team Poundie, who do so much amazing work saving the lives of abandoned pooches up and down the UK and although Reg was not a Team Poundie rescue he became a mascot ... Reg The Ledge.  In recognition of his efforts to raise extra donations for the poundies, Team Poundie have created a savings pot for Reg's Legacy so there will always be funds immediately available to help any other English Bull Terriers abandoned in the pound.  It is my intention to divide donations 50/50 between the Team Poundie general fund and Reg's savings pot.

So, on 12 August 2019, I will once again throw myself off a tiny platform and hope for the best.  This time the platform is 13 metres above the ground and at the start of 2-3 hours and almost 1k of terror!  Rope ladders, Tarzan swings, scramble nets and zip-wires all in the tree tops of Berkshire.

If that brief description doesn't make you want to open your purse  let me tell you a bit more about Team Poundie.

Every day, there are dogs who through no fault of their own, are either dumped to be left to their own devices and then taken to the council dog pounds or those who the owners just take them there directly.
Either way, at the moment they enter the Pound, in most cases they are now on death row with just seven days to be claimed or rescued before being put to sleep.

(Copied from the Team Poundie Web Page)
"All dogs saved from the Pound go through rescue. Team Poundie saves dogs that are on death row through no fault of their own that have ended up in a pound with no owner and no one responsible for them what we do is get dogs out of pounds and also sometimes what we call hand-ins which are dogs that for whatever reason the owners can no longer keep. We prevent those dogs ending up on Gumtree and suchlike because those poor dogs very often end up being used as bait dogs in dog fighting rings or for other horrible situations abused by so called humans.

We support the ethos of saving dogs who will be put to sleep in seven days as the councils have no legal obligation to keep them alive after seven days.  Team Poundie gets dogs into non destruct rescue spaces where they are then assessed and are eventually adopted.

We have to have fees to cover kennels (Emergency Boarding) because sometimes the dogs cannot go straight to rescue also we cover vet treatments neuter/Spey vacs etc with currently all fundraising through Facebook and our recently opened shop, but we struggle and would like to be in a better position financially to be able to help with the dogs and to raise awareness of poundie dogs and their plight. We want to campaign for the dogs and educate people on what a terrible situation has arisen from the over breeding and non neutering of dogs, they are sad and broken - very often very poorly and cruelly treated and scared to death. We even have dogs sent to rehab to save their souls when they have shut down and given up on the world.

Team Poundie believe we can make a difference and we are with a growing strong following. "

Now over to you ... every penny you can spare to sponsor me to risk losing my dashing good looks and my dignity when I leap from the platform screaming like a little girl, will go towards saving precious lives and then relocating them to loving homes.

Thank you in advance


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