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Help children to fight cancer

Fundraising for Warmed Heart

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Warmed Heart

We fundraise to reduce sick-poor living in CEE and CIS

Charity Registration No. 1160806


What we do:

We are helping children diagnosed with cancer whose families are too poor to cover the cost of medical treatment. 

Who we are:


Charitable foundation “Nastenka” was created in Moscow in 2002 to help children with cancer. The charity is supporting the Russian Pediatric Oncology and Haematology Research Institute of N.N.Blohin. 


"Warmed Heart" is a newly founded London based charity helping "Nastenka" to fundraise money outside of Russia.


The lives to be saved:

Samoylova Fatima, 6 years old

Diagnosis: Ewing's sarcoma

The typical little girl’s childhood - bows, beautiful dresses, playmates, skipping over the rope and gentle hugs to her mom. Fatima is not familiar to these pleasures. A year ago, she was picked up from the street and placed in an orphanage in South Ossetia. The girl was very frightened and did not talk to anyone. In the orphanage she was named Fatima. 

In March this year, there was a happy event in Fatima’s life. She was chosen among many kids and adopted by the family of Dzhonoevs. It would seem that at last the fate was kind to the little girl. The orphanage was replaced by cozy family atmosphere and warmth of parental care. But before she had to get used to a new home as a new challenge fell on her shoulders. Fatima was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma. 

Dzhonoevs’ family already raises one foster child and categorically rejected the proposals of the orphanage to take Fatima back. Dad brought her to Moscow. Parents are doing everything possible to get the girl recovered. Unfortunately, none of the parents could take care of her in Moscow. Mother, a retired teacher, is not able to leave Ossetia, and dad, a builder, must also be at home. 

Fatima needs a qualified nurse. There is a strong need in a person who during the course of chemotherapy would be a true and close friend rather than just a nurse. We have found such a person, but the issue is in the funds. The cost of nurse services is 1500 rubles per day. Monthly, it accounts to about 45 000 rubles. The treatment duration is 10 months. “Warmed Heart” together with the fund “Nastenka” are trying to collect 450.000 rubles (6000 GBP) for this purpose. 

Samedova Gulaz, 6 years old

Diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Gulnaz was admitted in the N. N. Blokhin Research Institute with a diagnosis of acute lymfoblast leukemia. She is a cheerful girl, gymnast and medalist of rhythmic gymnastics competitions. Gulya, the first child in the family, she loves her parents and a younger brother. Cheerful and usually very active girl suddenly started getting weak. When the girl had a fever, she was taken to the ambulance. Doctors diagnosed her with bronchitis. Mom began to notice small bruises on the girl’s legs. First, she decided that the girl just bump into something, but after watching realized that the bruises do not pass. Parents raised the alert. The girl was brought for screening to Blokhin Research Institute where doctors diagnosed her with acute lymphoblast leukemia. 

Gulya with her mother have been staying in the Institute to have a medical survey for a month. Doctors say that it will take eight months to get treatment for her. Her Mom sometimes loses self-control and starts crying over fear for the child, but a Gulya calms her down, firmly promising that she will recover. The girl has to take a long course of chemotherapy. The full cost of treatment is about 5 million rubles (65.000 GBP). Charity fund “Nastenka” together with "Warrmed Heart" are trying to collect 700 000 rubles (10.000 GBP) for the first phase of treatment.

Please help us to help Gulnaz!

By donating you can make a real difference in Fatima’s uneasy life!