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Melissa Holmes

Melissa's Eye to Eye Charity Walk 2018

I'm walking 14 miles through London in March for Moorfields Eye Charity because it is terrifying when you lose your sight!

200 %
raised of £500 target
by 37 supporters
  • Team members: Claire Morley
  • Event: Moorfields Eye to Eye 2018 - 14 mile walk, 04 Mar 2018

Eye to Eye

Join hundreds of walkers, human and canine to walk from Moorfields Eye Hospital to the London Eye, and help fundraise to build a world beyond visual impairment.

Charity Registration No. 1140679


I lost the sight in one eye multiple times over the last 15 years. I have some idea of what it’s like to lose sight permanently, to be able to see nothing but greyness or merely just light and shadow.

Imagine being unable to see your family and friends again.

Imagine being unable to drive and being reliant on public transport to travel everywhere.

Imagine being unable to see where you’re walking.

Imagine being unable to tell where you are, who you’re talking to, or even whether or not you’re actually talking to someone or whether you’re just talking to empty space.

I have been lucky. At some point in the past research was done which enabled medical professionals to treat my acute glaucoma, cataract and detached retina. I have recovered a lot of my sight, but sadly not all of it. I have permanent damage to my eye, which glasses and surgery cannot correct.

So I am walking 14 miles around London, in whatever weather early March provides, to raise funds for research into multiple eye conditions.

The research that will be funded by Moorfields Eye Charity may or may not help me with the problems I have with my eyes. (I could use a non-surgical treatment for a cataract in my second eye right about now.) But if the research doesn’t help me, it will help someone else.

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