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Doing a triathlon for Macmillan Cancer Support because A half empty glass. Isn't empy

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  • Event: Virgin Active London Triathlon 2013, 27 Jul 2013 to 28 Jul 2013

Macmillan Cancer Support

We know cancer affects everything and exist to help you live your life.

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just like to thank each an every one of you. down an out or not you've got to keep the momentum. going! all the hard work people put into me for nothing? Na! not having that B/ xxx
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Sunday 19th June 2011.
I swan dived off a harbor wall into 1 metre of un-knowingly shallow water. The impact shattered & Burst the 5th vertibrae in my neck. Facedown in the water within moments the shock to the nervous system put me into cardiac arrest ands i had choked and drowned.
A friends partner feeling something was wrong came to check i was ok, i wasn't. she alerted a team of divers  who were close by who swiftly got my motionless body to the shore line.
With a cardiac output of 0 bpm , a miracle nurse on scene resuscitated me. by devine co-incidence the nurse and a medical team in the immediate area, kept me alive until an ambulance arrived. I went into cardiac arrest numerous times that morning. I owe so much to all who tended to me and the support they had.
Throughout the 5 week coma I was induced  into, I fought through Pneumonia, and then caught MRSA in the tracheostomy hole in my throat. I relied on a ventilator to breath for most of this time
Because my brain was starved of oxygen I ended up with pretty extensive Hypoxic Brain Damage. When I woke I was completely paralysed. I could only see black & white and to communicate i could only  blink & stick out my tongue.
I have developed Photosensative Epilepsy aswell from the incident.
In April 2012 - less than one year on. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer.
A few weeks after in May 2012  came the CHOMP. I had the tumourous testicle removed in an orchondectemy oporation.
Around 2000 men are Diagnosed  with testicular cancer each year.
Between 35 - 65  people in every million suffer a spinal cord injury each year.
Now that I am making a good recovery and defying all expertsl foresight & prediction.  I will start by  raising money for  the Macmillan Cancer Support  and The Backup Trust.
Both are hard working and deserving charities who make the profound &priceless differences for You and Me. When Sh*t hits the fan and the Inevitable terror hits the place where you sleep, 
Asit happens...
The 27th July 2013 will be 2 years, to the day! That i awoke from a choma. 
          I had better get stuck in then


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