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Heads up for British heart foundation

A head shave so three charities can benifit for British Heart Foundation because they're worth it.

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British Heart Foundation

We power research into heart disease to beat the UK’s single biggest killer

Charity Registration No. 225971


The hair will go to the Princesses Fund and the money raised will go to the British Heart Foundation and Latch. Please choose to sponsor which ever charity is more reverent to you.

I've chosen the British heart Foundation because my Dad passed away 10 years ago from a heart attack, and he once raised money for Children in need, by shaving his long beautiful golden locks. 

Many people aren't aware that the survival rate from a large heart attack (that leads to a cardiac arrest) is virtually impossible without a defibrillator. It's still the UK's biggest single organ killer.

My hair is currently 16" long and the cut will be taking place in May, date to be confirmed.

Remember no donation is too small the pennies all add up!





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