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Heads up for Latch

A head shave so three charities can benifit for LATCH Welsh Children's Cancer Charity because there worth it!

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LATCH Welsh Children's Cancer Charity

LATCH, the Welsh Children's Cancer Charity, is a voluntary organisation set up to support the special requirements of the children's oncology centre at the Children's Hospital for Wales, to help affected families and promote research in childhood cancer.

Charity Registration No. 1100949


The hair will go to the Princesses Fund and the money raised will go to the British Heart Foundation and Latch. Please choose to sponsor which ever charity is more reverent to you.

The other charity I have also chosen is Latch, this is to show appreciation for all the support they have given over the last 7 years, and are still giving to my brother in laws niece. Neve has been receiving treatment for a Brain tumor since the age of 3. The tumor isn't cancerous but it is in a difficult area to treat. Unfortunately now at the age of 10 she has received all of the chemo possible. The next stage is to have an operation in the u.k, and then she'll fly out to Florida to have proton beam therapy (as this isn't available in the u.k until 2018). Latches have been supporting her and her family for many years and are continuing to do so. They understand the importance of having family around and are paying for her older sister's tickets to America. 

My hair is currently 16" long and the cut will be taking place in May, date to be confirmed.

Latch is a well-rounded charity, based in south Wales, they offer support to families in many different ways. Such as hospital accommodation, fun days out and whatever they see as beneficial to each individual family.

Remember no donation is too small the pennies all add up!





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