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Phoebe's Story Challenge

I will be writing lots of stories to raise money for GSPCA because I love animals and really want to help

80 %
raised of £800 target
by 55 supporters


We work 24 hours 7 days a week to help care for animals in Guernsey

Charity Registration No. 003


Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

My name is Phoebe Copperwaite and I am 8 years old.  Three of the things I love the most are reading, writing and animals.

I spend hours at home writing stories and keep asking Mummy and Daddy to get them published so that I can sell them and use the money raised to help animals in need. 

Mummy and I have come up with a good idea of putting my stories on here and changing my page when I have a new one to share with everyone.  That way people might like to donate a small amount once they have read them so it's almost the same as selling my own books.

I have chosen the GSPCA as the charity which I would like to donate to as I think its important that animals who are in need are cared for and loved.

I hope you enjoy my stories on my story challenge page! 

Love Phoebe xxx


By Phoebe Copperwaite

I was clearing out the GSPCA bird cages when I heard a clatter coming from the bins outside the house opposite, they had fallen over.  I ran to the window where I saw a cat lying by the bin.  I sprinted down the stairs and leapt across the road where I finally came to a halt.

There in front of me was what looked like a baby kitten.  I scooped it up, hiding it from the rain.  It snuggled into my chest, purring contently. 

When we were finally inside I swaddled him in a blanket as if he was my baby.  I called the vet to come immediately and within a few minutes she arrived in her little van which was full of medicines and pills.  The vet gave the kitten several jabs just in case it hadn't had any when it was born before heading back off on her way...there was a goat giving birth on the farm which she had to attend to.

We had been looking after the kitten at the GSPCA for quite a while and not one person had unfortunately come to claim him.  That meant he was ours and so all of the staff had a meeting about what to name him.  After an hour or so of thinking we finally came up with the name Lido.

After two joyful years of looking after Lido we found he had developed a lump in his ear.  At first we thought it was just a fur ball but a day later it had expanded to the size of a marble.  It was at that point that we knew we had to act soon.

Lido was on the operating table.  I was watching him breathe to make sure that he didn't stop.  The veterinary surgeon was working hard to get the operation done as soon as possible.  They took out the scapel and 'snip' the growth was gone.

They had just started working on the stitches when little Lido's heart suddenly stopped beating.  We had lost him.  But I would not give up! I spent ages doing chest compressions and had finally lost all hope when the small heart monitor started beeping! Lido's nose started to twitch and slowly but surely Lido started to come around.  Lido was alive!

By the time the other staff members had finally come upstairs Lido was fully awake and pacing the room.  I stayed with him for a few hours before putting him back in his shelter to rest.

Only a few days after the operation a family came to adopt Lido and took him to his forever home. 

I'm a lot older now and the last time I heard, little Lido was still having as much fun as ever.

The End

Diary of a Cheeky Rabbit

By Phoebe Copperwaite

Monday 2nd January

Dear Diary,
This morning I DID NOT want to wake up! First of all Finley came out at 6:00 in the morning but I wanted Phoebe.  Then Finley left my food outside of my hutch and then it RAINED! I mean like really people whoever came up with the idea of rain should be done for!

Still Monday 2nd January

It is still Monday...and guess what?  Phoebe has brought me to the vets for JABS! The vet’s getting out her needle and....OWWW!  Why does Phoebe do this to me?

Tuesday 3rd January

Dear Diary,

Today was WAY better then Monday.  Guess what....I ESCAPED!  Yep, that’s right...I escaped from the garden! 

Well basically it all began this morning when I saw a hole in my hutch and decided to run through it.  Mr Copperwaite (that’s Phoebe and Finley’s Dad) was opening the gate to let the builders in...He was almost asking me to run away!  So now I’m in a big field.  It was a bit of trouble getting past the road but apart from that I’m fine.

Wednesday 4th January

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was great but I decided I might try and go back home in time for breakfast but then I err...sort of got lost.  So now I’m OUTSIDE has started RAINING! I HATE the outdoors!

Thursday 5th January

Dear Diary,

The oddest thing happened.  So I was hopping along through the field (in the rain) and suddenly this giggly, female rabbit lolloped up to me.  She had diamond blue eyes and a pretty, pastel pink nose with snowy white fur. 
But worse than her actually existing...she followed me!  All the way around the field she GIGGLED.  Why couldn’t she go bother someone else?  I mean it’s not as if I “LOVE” her!

I’ve finally found something I hate more than rain.

Friday 6th January

Dear Diary,

This female rabbit is really getting on my nerves now.  She giggles and squeaks and her name is almost as annoying as she is.  She is called Muffles and she keeps invading my personal space!  I mean, I need space...and space around that space and so on! I have told her numerous times to GET A LIFE and LEAVE ME ALONE!

Saturday 7th January

Dear Diary,

Today something AMAZING happened!  So Muffles and I were walking along when a vixen darted by and took Muffles...finally! This was the best day of my life...until it started raining again.

Sunday 8th January

Dear Diary,

I sort of miss Muffles.  She was my pillow, my stool, my bed, my food supplier and so on.  She may’ve been VERY annoying but I sort of LOVE her (only a tiny bit).

Monday 9th January

Dear Dairy,

I MUST FIND MUFFLES! I miss Muffles so much.  She hasn’t come
back yet so I’m going out to find the RAIN!

Still Monday 9th January

Dear Diary,

I have just passed a tree where I think the vixen took Muffles. 
Well at least I think it’s the one but they all look the same.  I’m really starting to regret this!

Tuesday 10th January

Dear Diary,

I am STILL walking (in the rain).  Some nutty, old tortoise came up to me and told me something about his claw breaking (which was of no help at all) then he staggered slowly back off...I think he was drunk?!

Wednesday 11th January

Dear Diary,

I was hopping along grumbling about old people when KA BOOSH! I fell down a big hole!  The first thing I heard was giggles...IT WAS MUFFLES!  THIS is not a laughing matter!  Remind me again why I decided to search for Muffles in the first place??

Thursday 12th January

Dear Diary,

I managed to escape the hole with Muffles but I was very tempted to push her back in! Then we walked and walked and walked before finally settling down for the night (until Muffles hopped on me!).

Friday 13th January

Dear Diary,

Today was supposed to be unlucky but it was actually very lucky!  So we were hopping along when we bumped into a fence...I was back!  I squeezed through a gap in the fence but a rabbit was in MY cage!  It was black with sticky up ears and CLEAN fur.  It was horrible!!!  Maybe I spoke too soon about being lucky?!

Saturday 14th January

Dear Diary,

Phoebe was feeding the rabbit MY food in MY bowl.  Phoebe is not
his, she’s MINE!

Sunday 15th January

Dear Diary,

I have been sleeping outside with Muffles for TWO whole days and Phoebe still hasn’t noticed.  Is she blind?!

Monday 16th January

Dear Diary,

Today when Phoebe was at school I hopped up to the new rabbit.  
He said his name was Midnight and he told me that he’s not leaving (hmmm
rabbits these days!).

Tuesday 17th January

Dear Diary,

Today I had a plan.  If Phoebe doesn’t notice me then I’ll try and get Mr Copperwaite’s attention.  So what I’m going to do is I’m going to charge through the glass door of the new playroom and then I’m going to poop all over the carpet.  I’ll then hide and Mr Copperwaite will think it was Midnight and get rid of him...simple (not).

Wednesday 18th January

Dear Diary,

Today I tried my plan but it did NOT work! Firstly I bumped my head, then I couldn’t get through the glass and then finally I fell off the step. I NEED another plan soon!

Thursday 19th January

Dear Diary,

I REALLY need another plan soon.  The neighbour’s cat has been eyeing up Muffles.  It has been six and a half days we’ve been stuck in this garden. 
What is this...I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here or something?!  And now it’s RAINING!

Friday 20th January

Dear Diary,

Today I had an absolutely amazing idea!  So what I’m going to do is just squeak at the top of my voice when Phoebe feeds Midnight!  There’s just one problem at the moment...I’ve lost my voice.

Saturday 21st January

Dear Diary,

I’m fed up of sleeping outside! I need my hutch.  Muffles is getting ill and I’m cold and hungry.  I’m tempted to bust through the side of my hutch and kick Midnight out!

Sunday 22nd January

Dear Diary,

I think I’ve got another plan.  So all I have to do is when Phoebe opens the door I’ll run inside with Muffles and then I’ll get lots of food and cuddles.  Then Midnight will be forgotten about.

Monday 23rd January

Dear Diary,

I’m in the house so now I just need to find Phoebe.  I’ve managed to snuffle out some lettuce so I might just take a quick nap whilst I wait for her.

Still Monday 23rd January

Phoebe’s back!! I’ve finally found her!  She was so happy to see me and now I can sleep in my own hutch with Muffles and I won’t have any more problems....except for the rain!

Tuesday 24th January

Dear Diary,

So Midnight was collected today and has been taken to live with Mr Copperwaite’s Mum.  I’ve already been back up to my old tricks and managed to bite a nice big hole in my food bag this morning (just to remind
Phoebe that I’m back...after all nobody’s perfect!). 

Before I sign off I’ve just got one last thing to write...I’m slightly worried about Muffles!  Her tummy is growing...I suspect there may be
more rabbits hopping around here soon!



By Phoebe Copperwaite

We've had so many happy times but now I have to say goodbye...

To the brightly shining sun, to the sky that was so blue, to the sea that sparkled magically and the great big fluffy clouds too.

To the great big, green grass field, to the daffodils sat so still, to the frogs that hopped so happily and the swimming drake showing off his bill.

The sun has risen and now it's set but make sure that you do not forget, that even though you can't see me and I'm not there to guide you, there'll always be a part of me sat neatly right inside you.


By Phoebe Copperwaite

I was giving the stable a good mucking out when I heard a roar of pain from the field.  I went to see what had happened.  My horse, Dash, was lying on the floor in agony.  I didn't know what to do.  I ran over to him, my legs pumping like there was no tomorrow.

I could hear shotguns in the distance.  Before I even saw Dash properly I had guessed what had happened.  I was right.  There were hunters spread out everywhere, aiming their loaded shot guns at the horses.

"STOP!" I shouted through tears "LEAVE MY HORSES ALONE!"

"Or what?" snarled what looked like the leader.

"Or I'll call the Police" I snarled back.

With that the horrible hunters fled like mice.  I bent down to look at Dash properly.  He didn't look the same anymore.  He used to have glossy, white fur but now his fur was as dirty as the bin after I've done the mucking out.

I bent down further and saw a nasty cut with blood the colour of ripe strawberries, gushing out like a waterfall.

"DASH!" I shouted.

I looked in my pocket for my wasn't there.  I needed to get help but I couldn't leave Dash in this state.  "Maybe I dropped it in the field" I thought to myself.  So I checked every part of the field and at long last I found it...but it had been smashed to pieces.

I walked back to Dash solemnly.  There was still blood trickling out but more like a calm contented stream then a waterfall.  I tried helping him up but after a few seconds he fell back down to the ground.

I called for my oldest horse, Valentine.  She was a chocolate brown horse with a heart as pure as gold.  She still had the wagon on her from the morning of carting  people around the stable, showing them every nook and cranny.  There was a sort of ramp attached for people to walk up and down.  I carefully helped Dash walk up the ramp and laid him down on the floor.  Then I sat on Valentine and rode her out into the countryside.

It was a long journey so I had to keep on feeding the horses.  Valentine just had oats but Dash was given carrots.  He still wasn't the same, he wouldn't eat anything, not even his favourite food.  I didn't like seeing him like this.

I found a lovely meadow complete with a stream flowing gracefully.  I unhatched the door on the wagon and I took him over to the water.  I encouraged him to drink.  He wouldn't drink and he wouldn't eat.  

I took off his saddle and reins.  There were small, silver things a bit like needles in him.  I didn't know what they were but I knew that this was the last place Dash would ever be.

He tried standing up but fell down again helplessly.  With that his eyes rolled into the back of his head, he was gone forever.

I would never see that sparkle in his eyes again.  It seemed too real, I couldn't bear it.  I got my shovel out of the wagon and I began to dig.  I dug until my back ached and my hands were rubbed raw.

I carefully lowered Dash into the hole and I buried him up.  I placed some beautiful, Christmas white roses that I had found on a nearby rose bush and his saddle on top of the patch where he lay.  I said some last words and then walked off feeling blue.

Now I'm old and I forget a lot of things but I never have and I never will forget Dash.

The End

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