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Fundraising for Action Against Hunger UK

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Action Against Hunger UK

We tackle the causes of hunger today to give children a healthy tomorrow

Charity Registration No. 1047501


Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom is a fun project that brings food bloggers, TrustedPlaces.com members, food photographers, food journalists, food authors, everyday cooks and influential bloggers together for a meet up. See it as a Cook-a-thon for bloggers or like an interactive version of MasterChef.

To celebrate Food 2.0, we've come up with a great list of amazing food related prizes for this raffle. Click here to see the prizes in detail. Each GBP £4 donation will buy you one virtual raffle ticket toward the prize of your choice.

FP01 - Meal for two and wine at Konstam
FP02 - Hands on workshop at Cookery School
FP03 - Annual subscription to Delicious Magazine
FP04 - Annual subscription to Food & Travel Magazine
FP05 - Single trip travel insurance policy anywhere in the world, valid for the next year from Essential Travel
FP06 - Lunch at the Tube Carriage Office for two with nabokov
FP07- A box of handmade brownies from Everything Nice
FP08 - One of five Goody bags from Berocca including a month's supply of Berocca, glass, pen, post-it notes
FP09 - Cooking with Booze book by George Harvey Bone - aka James Bridle
FP10 - The Best of Mrs Beeton's Jams, Pickles & Preserves book
FP11 - Bobby Gold Novel by Anthony Bourdain
FP12 - Return to Paris - A Memoir with Recipes book by Colette Rossant
FP13 - Dinner Rush DVD
FP14 - Kew Gardens Picnic Ground Sheet & Poncho
FP15 - Set of 2 Holy Mackerel Fridge Magnets
FP16 - Nacho Libre DVD
FP17 - Sideways DVD
FP18 - Typhoid Mary a novel by Anthony Bourdain
FP19 - SpinVox Mobster Chef Edition
FP20 - Gillian McKeith's Shopping Guide
FP21 - I only have a kitchen .... because it came with the house magnetic pad
FP22 - Annual subscription to Men's Health Magazine

Please note: even though the minimum donation on this site is £2 you need to donate at least £4 to purchase a raffle ticket - any donation below £4 does not count as a raffle ticket.

£4 buys 1 raffle ticket
£8 buys 2 raffle tickets
£12 buys 3 raffle tickets
£16 buys 4 raffle tickets
£20 buys 5 raffle tickets (and so on....)

When you donate, please remember to:

1. Specify which prize or prizes you'd like in the 'your message' section of the donation form.

2. Do tell us how many tickets per prize, and please use the prize code -for example, a donation of £20 can be 2 tickets for the prize FP01 and 3 for FP02 - please write "2xFP01, 3xFP02" in the message section when confirming your donation.

3. Please check the box to allow us to see your email address so that we could contact you in case you win.  Your email address will not be shared with anyone.

Check back on the Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom homepage for the raffle results!

- The Justgiving team, project prize sponsor

All proceeds from the raffle (after transaction charges) will go to Action Against Hunger (Registered UK charity no. 1047501).


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