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British Heart Foundation

We power research into heart disease to beat the UK’s single biggest killer

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PZ writes my favourite blog, Pharyngula Everyone that knows me knows I'm a big biology geek and unashamed and out-spoken atheist. Well, I am but nothing in comparison to Pz's biological geekery and triumphant godless out put.

I'm just back from an evening out with friends, and caught up on Pharyngula, to see PZ's latest post, in which he says he is going in for heart surgery. In it he says "Meanwhile, relax, chill, don't panic, and most importantly, don't waste your time with prayers. Ever."

Being me, I wanted to help, but really, there's not much I can do. The British Heart Foundation can though, not directly for PZ, but for people with heart conditions, and your donation to them will be a useful thing to do, if, like me, you want to do something on hearing PZ's latest news.

So please, give what you can. It'll be more effective than praying, 100% guarantee. 

Get well soon PZ!

 PZ Latest:

August 24, 2010 12:52 PM

News Flash
Just visited the Squid Master for a few moments in his deluxe suite at Abbott. He's resting well with a new stent...and by the looks of him, is enjoying some great and wonderful drugs. He said he will be headed home tomorrow!

Those who emailed me are on the card and the flowers were nice. Thanks all! -R


August 23, 2010 8:47 PM

Latest word: I failed my blood test. Not enough potassium, they said. So I'm choking down big salty horse pills all night, and my horrible invasive test is deferred to the morning.

Good news: they might be able to patch me up while they're having their vile ways with me in the AM, and then I go home the day after. If they can't, out come the knives and the saws and various implements of destruction, & I don't go home until next week.





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