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The Osteopathic Centre for Children DJ night

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  • Event: DJ night, 21 Nov 2014

Osteopathic Centre for Children

We offer specialist osteopathy treatments to improve children's day-to-day lives

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A fundraising event to be held at: 93 Feet East, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London E1 


Come down and dance till the wee hours AND raise money to help sick children!!

Date: Friday 21st November 2014, 7pm - 1am

DJ's on the night: Honey O, Jesus At Work, Miss Mixit, Pablo Del Monte

Cost: £20 per ticket, to be booked in advance All proceeds go to the OCC

How to buy tickets Buy your ticket online on this justgiving page and don't forget to gift aid your donation if you're a UK tax payer! Please also enter your name when making your donation, so we can put you on the guest list.
BTC (bitcoins) are also accepted for this event. Pay the daily equivalent of £20 in BTC to this wallet address:

1GCm5R8SznGhjbKowWGwZAiwtWhmLnE5zH and then email me at to go on the guest list. 

About the OCC

The OCC is great charity, which helps sick children using osteopathy on a not-for profit basis. No-one is turned away if they can’t afford treatment. The OCC treats a variety of conditions from the less severe (eg colic) to the more serious (eg cerebral palsy). Last year we delivered over 13,500 treatments to 3,164 different patients, equivalent to 16 new patients per clinic day and a total of 67 treatments per day. Overall, 76% of children's parents report an improvement in their child's condition or their own condition which is of huge significance to affected families.

Case study: Dylan's story (used with permission)

Dylan has Rett Syndrome, a devastating neurological disease in which little girls who have developed normally until the age of one or two regress, losing the ability to walk, talk and use their hands. When we first started coming to the OCC, Dylan was 14 months old and undiagnosed. She had stopped crawling, had lost her motivation to play with toys and was making less eye contact with us. She was biting her hands compulsively, pulling her hair and screaming a lot. We found it hard to comfort her.

The osteopaths at OCC immediately recognised that she was suffering tremendous tension in her head and body. Over a few weeks, they were able to release that tension and Dylan became much happier. The Rett Syndrome was still taking its toll, but she stopped having headaches and stopped pulling at her hair and ears. She stopped screaming, her focus and concentration improved and she started smiling again. Osteopathy was the only thing that brought her relief during a terrifying period of her life. She visits OCC every fortnight and we are forever grateful to the skilful osteopaths who have made such a difference

An account by Dylan’s Mother

 The OCC operates two clinics. Our main clinic, which is open three days a week, is based in Wandsworth and we also operate an outreach clinic (the Shoreditch clinic) at St John's Church in Pitfield Street one day a week. The Shoreditch clinic was set up in response to a request from the Shoreditch trust, an award-winning charity set up to tackle inequality and social exclusion in the London Borough of Hackney.

Treatments at the OCC are given by fully qualified osteopaths who are receiving additional training in paediatric osteopathy at the OCC. These osteopaths are on the OCC's two year DPO (Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy) course. The DPO has come to be recognised as the gold standard in paediatric osteopathic training throughout the osteopathic world. As part of their training, these osteopaths must volunteer one day a week at the OCC (for free) in addition to working in their private practice (as they are already fully qualified). The commitment of OCC osteopaths combined with the fact they are paediatric specialists allows the OCC to provide a large number of high quality treatments.