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raising funds for IiME because we need a cure for myalgic encephalomyelitis

raised by 1,281 supporters


We fund biomedical research into ME to create a strategy for cure/treatment

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"1 Day - £1 = a lot of money for this much-needed cause".  

Text APFR99  £1  to 70070 (UK) or donate from £2 via this page.  

Your donation will help to fund high quality biomedical research into the neurological disease, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). 

We have helped raise £700,000 so far for Invest in ME charity's biomedical research for tests & treatments at their Centre of Excellence for ME based at world-renowned Norwich Research Park and working closely with other leading researchers in UK & abroad.  We are now aiming to reach £1million for the next phases of the research strategy including a clinical trial of rituximab in ME.

ME is a neurological disease that can affect people of all ages, even very young children.  It has been classified by the World Health Organisation at ICD-10 G93.3, along with post-viral fatigue syndrome, since 1969.

ME was first defined in the 1950s following an outbreak at the London Royal Free Hospital: myalgic refers to muscle (pain/weakness) encephalomyeltis means inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. 

ME can be of sudden or gradual onset, can range from mild to very severe, can fluctuate over time, have phases of relapse and remission, or take a more progressive form. Full recovery is rare - we want to change that.   

The hallmark of ME is a marked worsening of symptoms following even minor exertion - post-exertional neuro-immune exhaustion (PENE) or post-exertional malaise (PEM).  Also now called Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease (SEID) by the Institute of Medicine. 

ME can affect almost every system in the body and organs including the heart as well as the brain.  Many patients suffer for years on end, some losing their childhood and youth to the ravages of this disease.

There is still no universal thumbprint diagnostic test, no cure, and few treatments available for symptoms, leaving doctors at a loss as to how help their patients and with often dire consequences for patients and their families.  

It's about time this changed and we are determined to make sure that happens - we now have an international community of world class researchers willing to help us and they need our help to fund their vital work - so let's make this year count - one day - one pound - one drop from lots of us to create a sea change.

Donating through JustGiving is easy, fast and safe. They’ll send your money directly to the charity and will make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. To donate £1 by JustTextGiving, text this code: APFR99 to: 70070 or you can donate from £2 via this Just Giving page.  

Please see Invest in ME charity's website at www.investinme.org or www.ldifme.org for more info about M.E. and IIME's work, and for more ways to help raise awareness and/or funds for this small charity's BIG cause.  Thank-you for your support!


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