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The Kon Family's Fundraising Campaign For Syria Crisis

We are raising money for the Syria crisis for Mercy Corps because We hope to help those children affected in the war

148 %
raised of £500 target
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  • Event: Fundraising For Syria Crisis

Mercy Corps

We help communities overcome crisis to move from recovery to resillience

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我的第一个孩子,一位小千金 - 甘宜洁,在即将到来的23/9 就满一周岁生日。原本计划要为她办个生日会,可是,经过了今天的震撼新闻,我和老公决定不办了,改办一个筹募活动,让该为生日会所要付出的钱,也让女儿生日将所收到的利事红包,都归这个筹款于救济叙利亚难民儿童,在此,也呼吁各界热心人士,亲朋戚友,如有能力,请在本页小小捐憎,向叙利亚的孩童,伸出援手。


这一次所筹募到的总额将会转由世界组织 Mercy Corps,转送粮食及日常必需用品,在收留难民区建造可喝井水和饮用水系统,提供难民孩童心理辅导和活动好让弱小的心灵得到安全感,把恐慌程度减到最低。Mercy Corps 已在2012 八月开始参与救济活动,他们将岗守其位直到所有难民能回归家园。

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"Picture fleeing your home with only the clothes on your back, fearing for your life as you journey to the border, and arriving in a foreign country. You have no idea where you will live or what you will eat."

That's the reality for millions of Syrians who have fled the violent civil war in their country. They need our help to get through what is now the world's worst humanitarian crisis. 

Whenever I read about these news on Syria, I felt how blessed I am to be here, although I might not be able to feel exactly how those refugees are feeling at their situation.

Not until this morning, I read about a 3 years old boy was drown and found lying face-down on a beach near Turkish resort of Bodrum. He was one of at least 12 Syrians who drowned attempting to reach Greece with his parents and his 5 years old brother. Among 4 in the family, only his father survived. There were 5 children in the same boat were drown too. The death of the 3 years old boy and the image of his lifeless body faced-down on the beach has became a shocking news to the world.

I was going to say, if you are reading my post, you are living in a peaceful and war-less country, Not worrying about food and shelter. If you do have a child, then there will be a good childhood for them to have school days, with good hygiene conditions away from malignant diseases. My child and myself are enjoying our life in these good conditions too. But unfortunately, those children refugees who are still surviving the Syria civil war are fighting their life out of their way.

My first child, Hailey, the little princess of my husband and myself, who is turning one year old on coming 23rd September. We are planning to have a very first birthday party for her, but after today's news about the little boy, we decided to cancel it but planning for an activitiy to help out children in Syria by creating a fundraising campaign. All budget that has planned to go in for the birthday party, and all red packet monies for Hailey from friends and relatives will go into this fundraising project to help those poor children.

We hope you'll join us - The KON Family in support of this important work. We also hope that the first birthday of our daughter will bring her a good start in her life by participating this campaign.

With our help, Mercy Corps is distributing food & supplies, building new wells and water distribution systems, providing activities and counseling to help children feel safe again, and helping to prevent conflict over limited resources. They have been assisting families in camps and host communities in neighboring countries since August 2012. And they'll be there until families can return to their homes.

Every pennies we contribute makes a powerful difference in the lives of these courageous people. Now, and for the future.

• £ 5 will provide a month's supply of clean water

• £ 10 will provide three blankets

• £ 30 will provide a welcome kit with mattress and bedding

• £ 45 will enroll a child in our Comfort for Kids program

• £ 65 will provide a school uniform and books

Together, we can help families survive this terrible crisis, and any amounts is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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