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'Head for Heights' - Team Page

Fundraising for Richard House Trust

107 %
raised of £10,000 target
by 54 supporters
  • Team members: Paramedics: John Matthews, Tony Hookins, Tim Stiles, Rod Bryant, Buck Deol, Pam Cunningham, John McAllister, Ray Crooks & Bob Nichols
  • Event: head for heights

Richard House Trust

We support seriously ill children to lead a positive and happy life

Charity Registration No. 1059029


YES WE DID IT.      YIP HEE!         

Head for Heights - 3 Peak Challenge completed...         

(please continue reading to visit our "Head for Heights" photo presentation - link halfway down page)

Five members of the team completed the challenge.

Tim Stiles & Pam Cunningham completed in 24 hours & 49 minutes

John Matthews, Rod Bryant & Buck Deol completed in 25 hours & 14 minutes

Target was for 4 members of the team to complete all 3 climbs back to back for this challenge to be considered successful, in which we have delivered.

All round prevailing weather conditions on each mountain and heavy traffic had made it difficult for us to acheive sub 24 hours, for example Snowdon weather in excess of 60 mph wind with head on driving rain and visibilty down to 10 metres.  Snow and thick mist on Ben Nevis summit, with extensive rain/sleet making the rock extremely slippery. 

We were wet right through during each climb which required a change of clothing after each completed mountain, additionally, traffic was slow moving around the Cumbria area due to camper trailers and mobile caravans.

Unfortunately, Tony Hookins was unable to continue after imminent loss of his toe nail and injury after completing his second climb.  However, this is a great achievement in its own right, and he is considering returning one day to complete the challenge.

This is a great all round team achievement from the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust Paramedic team and considering that 3 members of the team had never previously climbed a mountain in their lives, makes this a wonderful achievement. 

We would be grateful if you would consider making a donation to the  'Richard House Childrens Hospice' here now on line, its not to late.  Simply click on the blue SPONSOR US NOW botton above, or you can send cheque's direct to:  Richard House Children's Hospice, Richard House Drive, Beckton, London, E16 3RG.

Please make cheque payable to "Richard House Trust" and write 'Head for Heights' on reverse of cheque.

Special thanks to our sponsor:  W. FOX & SONS (Ambulance Body Repair specialists)  Tel:  020 8472 1365

Additional thanks to:

The London Ambulance Service NHS Trust 

Lightbridge Support Services (Mr. J Munn MD)

Ray Crooks & Bob Nichols for driving over 1300 miles and support

& All who have sponsored us for your invaluable support we "thank you" dearly.

Please click on our link for a short picture diary  presentation of our "Head for Heights" adventure

We hope you all enjoy these photos as much as we did doing our memorable challenge.  You are very welcome to leave a comment under each photo if you so wish.

We dedicate this challenge to all the children who's lives are short lived and do not reach adulthood due to incurable disease, and that they are able to find some comfort at the end of their lives at these rather special care centre's like that of the Richard House Children's Hospice.

Thank you from all the team.


Hello and welcome to our team fund raising page.

We are a group of NHS paramedics who are employed for the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust.  Our profession can be challenging at times and often we work in demanding and difficult situations.  We provide vital 999 service's to the communities of London, and help people in time of need.  We now believe that we are in need of help ourshelves and are inviting you to support us.  Our campaign would like to raise £20,000 for the Richard House Children's Hospice in East London to help fund a palliative nurse for a one year period to care for these dependant children. The total cost to the charity in providing a nurse for a one year period is £26,395.20 and the we would ideally like to reach this figure.  We know that achieveing our goal will only be possible with YOUR help so please support our 3 peak (UK) challenge by  making a donation here by clicking the navy blue SPONSOR US NOW button above, and help us achieve our target.  It takes only one minute on line and is 100% secure.

Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to sponsor us: Richard House Trust will receive your money faster and, if you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Alternatively, cheques can be made payable to "Richard House Trust" and forwarded to: The London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, C/O 'Head for Heights', East Sector, Wellington Road, East Ham, London, E6 2RG.

Our Challenge: 

We shall be climbing the three highest peaks in the UK, Ben Nevis, highest mountain in Scotland (& Britain) 1,344m (4,408ft), Scafell Pike, highest mountain in England 978m (3,209ft) and Snowdon, highest mountain in Wales 1,085m (3,560ft) a total vertical height of 3407m (11,177ft).  We shall be attempting to complete the climb within a 24 hour period*.

Some would say that this is 'madness'  but we knew that we would have to set such a difficult and demanding challenge to help reach our target.  This climb is not for the faint hearted and is a serious challenge which will be a test of endurance and expected to take approximately 15 hours of climbing to complete, with an additional 9 hours of travelling, making this event additionally a logistical challenge.  It will be both physically and mentally demanding for each member of the team, so we will need as much support as possible, and this is where you can help by sponsoring us.  Please do leave a message of encouragement when donating on line as we shall need it!

You may make your team donations here on this page, or alternatively click on an individual below.


Pending weather conditions,  our challenge will commence within a three week window of opportunity.  Either of these weekends.

30th June - 1st July 2007

7th - 8th July 2007

14th - 15th July 2007


Because sometimes in life you have to do things like this.


We shall be making donations to the Mountain Rescue Team's based at all three peaks.  These vital organisations are totally relient on donation to sustain their important rescue operations.

The team are currently engaged in an physical exercise programme and all are expected to be physically fit for the challenge that lay ahead.  

All team members will be respecting the local environments when undertaking the challenge.   "We shall leave no litter, only our footprints"

Meet the team:

Tony Hookins (climber/fund raiser):  Paramedic, 24 years service.  Age 45

Tim Stiles (climber/fund raiser):  Paramedic, 9 years service.           Age 46

Rod Bryant (climber/fund raiser):  Paramedic/team leader, 13 years service.   Age 33

Buck Deol (climber/fund raiser):  Paramedic, 15 years service.   Age 37

Pam Cunningham (climber/fund raiser):  EMT, 5 years service.   Age 45

John McAllister (climber/fund raiser):   Emergency Medical Technician, 2 years service.  Aged 29

Ray Crooks (support):  Senior Training Officer, 30 years service.   Age 53

Bob Nichols (support):  Emergency Medical Technician, 15 years service. Age 47

John Matthews (climber/fund raiser/co-ordinator):  Paramedic, 21 years service.  Age 43

A total of over 130 working years experience in serving the public of London.

"this is a wonderful opportunity in raising vital funds for the 'Richard House - Childrens Hospice'.  This registered charity relies on community involvement to operate, and reaching our target will enable the charity to bring invaluable support for both children (who have a short life expectancy) and  parents - in times of real need".  John Matthews (co-ordinator - Head for Heights)  

Link to 'Richard House Children's Hospice'.

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page.  Please give us some encouragement for our difficult challenge that lay ahead and sponsor us online.  Simply click the SPONSOR US NOW top of page.

Also we are having an autumn benefit evening this year in the City of London and was hoping for some special gifts as a donation for auctioning and raffling.  If you feel that you can help in any way then we would love to hear from you.  Please email via link below.

Or, if you would like a sponsor form posted, or have any queries then please forward your contact details.

* Being such a physical & mentally demanding challenge, we expect 4 members of the team to complete this climb for this event to be considered successful.  The clock starts before ascent of Ben Nevis and stop's when on summit of Snowdon.

Traffic conditions:  We have no control over the (UK) roads systems, heavy traffic conditions may delay our challenge causing us to exceed the 24 hour period.

Pending weather conditions: This event may have to be postponed at a last moments notice & rearranged to a later date.  The weather on the west coast seaboard of the UK can be extremely changable which may cause obvious risks.


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