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Bob Dobson Memorial Walk 8th August 2010

Fundraising for British Lung Foundation

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  • Event: 10 mile Bob Dobson memorial walk 2010, 15 Aug 2010

British Lung Foundation

We’re the only UK charity looking after the nation’s lungs. We offer hope, help and a voice. We fund research to find new treatments and cures. We support people who struggle to breathe to take control of their lives and we campaign for better lung health.

Charity Registration No. England and Wales 326730, Scotland SC 038415


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Welcome All

Please note the date of the walk is the 8th August 2010 and not the 15th as it says on the left of the page, that was a error

Well it’s that time of year again. We are organising the 10 mile canal bank walk again this year in memory of Bob Dobson (Robert) in aid of The British Lung Foundation.

It is going to be on the 8th August 2010 starting at 10:30am and we will be walking along the Leeds to Liverpool canal bank from Barr lane Swing Bridge in Riddlesden to Hirst lane Swing Bridge in Shipley and back (approx 10 miles)

There is going to be a change this year, entrants can either pay £10 each to do the walk or get a decent amount of sponsors.

Last year we did really well with 20+ people doing the walk and we raised £1100+ for The British Lung Foundation. (Well done all who took part)

If you want to take part please drop me a message so I can send you a sponsorship form and hopefully a T-Shirt to wear from The British Lung Foundation.

It is NOT a race of any kind and if you can’t mange to finish the entire walk don’t worry, it’s just a bit of fun to remember my Dad and raise some cash for a very worthy cause. (But please warn your sponsors if you don’t think you can’t manage the entire walk)

We will have a support crew ready to ferry people around if they can’t finish and take refreshments, water & snacks etc at ¼ way intervals.


I hope we can beat the amount we raised last year and the amount of people taking part, last year was a really good day out and everyone who took part had a great day.


Thank you all in advance,

Pat Dobson

Peter Dobson

Paul Dobson

Alison Dobson

And all the charity Walkers


A bit of background about Bob Dobson

Bob was born in 1947 on a farm in Earby Lancashire, he was the eldest son of John & Winifred Dobson, he had two brothers and three sisters, He married Pat in 1967, They were
married for 41 years, They had three kids, Peter, Paul & Alison, which bore them nine grandkids, Peter's kids are Claire, Emma & Adam, Paul’s kids are, Kimberley, Darryl & Shannon, Alison's Kids are Jamie, Daniel & Harry, and one great grandchild Kimberley's daughter Keira,
His children couldn’t of have asked for a better father & mentor, he was their Hero and they looked up to him for everything, there seemed not to be a thing he could not do, and if he couldn't do it he would try and learn how to do it and usually succeeded.
Pat & Bob were devoted to each other and never left each others side. He was very proud of his wife, all his kids, grandkids and great granddaughter.

He worked very hard in loads of different jobs through the years, fireman, club steward, farmer but mainly a builder
He provided his family with everything they ever wanted out of life,
Sadly it was some of these jobs that came back years later to haunt him, through working in dusty & smoky environments he was diagnosed with emphysema around 8 years ago and had to give up work, although he still enjoyed DIY and doing little jobs for family and friends,

Just recently they moved in to a bungalow and with help from the grandkids built a car park area for his beloved Proton Gen2, a patio with decking and also a conservatory with a wild flower butterfly garden at the side for Pat so she could hear the rain on the roof and to sit in the summer, he wanted to spend the last years of his life in that bungalow having barbeques and family gatherings with his family and friends, and right up to the day before he was taken in to hospital he was working on projects on the bungalow and planning what else he would do.
Sadly he never finished the butterfly garden or the conservatory because at 5am on the 15th March 2009 he was rushed in to hospital with a chest infection through getting a common cold, as his lungs were already not functioning properly due to the emphysema he was fighting a loosing battle and after fighting very hard for two days on a ventilator he passed away in Airedale General Hospital at 15:40 on the 17th March 2009 with Pat, his three children and his brother Phillip by his side (also all his other immediate family in the room next door, we had 14 people in that hospital ward and by his bedside for over 30 hours solid as no one would go home or leave his bedside).

He was a truly great family man and was liked by every single person who ever met him; nobody had a bad word to say against him.

He enjoyed loads of sports through the years, but due to the illness he had to give these up so he learnt fluent Spanish and played online poker on his pc which he enjoyed. In fact he won a all expenses paid seat at a poker tournament final in Ibiza for later in 2009…


RIP Bob Dobson we all love and miss you dearly xXx

Please check out:


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Or Bobs Facebook sites set up by family members http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=57049027297&ref=ts



Special Thanks to:
Pat Dobson, Alison Dobson, Peter Dobson, Dianne Dobson, Maria Dobson, Kim Dobson, Daz Dobson, Shannon Dobson, Jamie Hindle, Daniel Conroy-Dobson, Harry Conroy-Dobson, Claire Dobson, Emma Dobson, Adam Dobson, Mark Baker, Mea-Carla Buckley, Katie Davenport, Ben Hemingway, Jordan Dunn, Alahnna Addy, Dannie Addy, Rhiannee Addy, Steven Hannah, Betty Hannah, Laura Tretten. 
We Had great day and hope to of raised around £1000 I will post the total as soon as I can after it has all been paid in

Thanks again and my Dad would have been proud of you all :-)


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