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  • Event: Paris to Geneva

UK Radiation Research Trust

Mobile phones and wireless communication technology is used with almost no precautionary advice. The purpose of the RRT is to uncover and communicate the facts concerning electro-magnetic radiation on our and our children's health, whilst trying to raise funding to research conditions such as electrosensitivity, EMFs and cancer etc.

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The challenge... 4 days cycling Paris to Geneva
I must be nuts! I've only just now, with 8 weeks to go, looked at the itinerary. 4 days, 510 km, one big mountain in the way, Col de la Faucille (1232m)  I need to get training !!!!!!
Not a lot of people know that........
The EM Radiation Research Trust (RRT) is a UK charity that does some fantastic work, mostly below the radar (no pun intended). The charity is concerned about the adverse effects on public health from exposure to wireless technology such as mobile phones, phone masts, tetra, WiFi, Wimax and wireless communication systems. This issue is very dear to me as my wife suffered from breast cancer as a result of living under a mobile phone mast as did many of the surrounding neighbours, the most tragic case being my good friend and neighbour Brian who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and eventually died. The RRT are calling for independent research into health aspects such as cancer, brain tumours, motor neuron disease, epilepsy and electro sensitivity (EHS) etc while they campaign for law and policy change to keep phone masts away from sensitive sites such as schools and homes in order to protect public health until the operators and government find a safer way forward. For more information go to www.radiationresearch.org Your support is greatly appreciated and a big girly kiss to you all  X   Paulo