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doing the Garmin 2012 Paris Triathlon for The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) because of their great work with the Royal Marsden London

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  • Event: 2012 Paris Triathlon, 08 Jul 2012

The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)

We make the discoveries that defeat cancer to improve the lives of patients everywhere

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As most of you will know, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year. I had to have an operation to remove the tumour, following which I had 3 months of chemotherapy. Thankfully, I was given the all clear in December 2011 and each monthly check-up since then has also shown no return of the cancer. The reason I'm doing this is not only to raise money for cancer, which an ever increasing number of people seem to be diagnosed with, but also to send a message.

A friend recently was diagnosed with cancer as well and I was able share my experience in order to give him comfort around his diagnosis. In a similar vein I want my completion of the Paris triathlon six months after treatment to be a message for people that are diagnosed (at a minimum with testicular cancer), that recovery and getting back on one's feet to their old self is fully possible despite the side effects.

On a lighter note, weighing 30 grams less, I should float better and run faster, though balance may be an issue.

Thank you for reading and for generously donating.


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