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Fundraising for ChildLine

105 %
raised of £1,000 target
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ChildLine is the UK's free and confidential, 24 hour helpline for children in distress or danger. Trained volunteer counsellors comfort, advise, support and protect children and young people who may feel they have nowhere else to turn. Children call ChildLine about a wide range of problems, but the most common problems are abuse (both sexual and physical), bullying, serious family tensions, worries about friends' welfare and teenage pregnancy. Children and young people can call ChildLine about anything – no problem is too big or too small. ChildLine is a service provided by the NSPCC

Charity Registration No. 216401 and SC037717


Thank you to everybody who sponsored me as one of 20 people playing against former World Champion, Boris Spassky.  I lasted for 23 moves before succumbing to defeat but at least we have raised a substantial amount of money for Childline in the process

I am still hopeful of raising £1,000 so if you have not sponsored me already please consider doing so..

Thanks for your support.


This is the game:

White - Spassky                  Black - Me

1. e4                                      b6
2. d4                                      Bb7
3. Nc3                                   e6
4. a3                                     c5
5. d5                                     Nf6
6. Nf3                                   Bd6
7. e5                                     Bxe5
8. Nxe5                                Nxd5
9. Nxd5                                Bxd5
10. Qg4                               Qf6
11. Qg3                                h6
12. Be2                                Nc6
13. Nxc6                              Bxc6
14. 0-0                                 0-0-0
15. Bf4                                 Kb7
16. Be5                               Qg5
17. Qxg5                             Pxg5
18. Bxg7                             KRg8
19. Bf6                                QRe8
20. QRd1                           Rg6
21. Be5                              f6
22. Bh5                              Pxe5
23. Bxg6                            resigns