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Photo First Aid's "Your photos enhanced for a donation" - November Appeal

providing basic photo enhancemets for donations for RSPCA Preston & District Branch because they are desperate for funds & do great work.

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raised of £658 target
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RSPCA Preston & District Branch

We care for animals when no-one else does to help give them the life they deserve

Charity Registration No. 232256


We (Ol and Jen) the owners of Photo First Aid - www.photofirstaid.co.uk - really want to help the RSPCA Preston and District branch. They have been fantastic in the past and we’ve adopted two amazing dogs from them.

Now they need our help – all our help. Funding is critically low and many of the shelter places have had to be closed just so they can keep open. Tragically that means that many dogs that they would have taken in may be put to sleep as there is no-where for them to stay.



We aren’t going to do anything specular to ask for sponsorship, we aren’t bungee jumping out of a helicopter or attempting the world record for backflips on a pogo stick, what we are proposing is very simple and useful for everyone.


We are donating our time and expertise and enhancing photographs – your photographs and all the proceeds will go to RSPCA Preston and District.

All you have to do is send is a picture that is:

Too dark
Has red eye
Has a colour cast
Is taken at a wonky angle
Basically any dodgy looking image which we can improve.

How to do it…

Donate on this page what you think the photo enhancement would be worth – we suggest at least £3.00 per picture.

Include your name so we know who you are when you send the photo to us.

Email the photo to charity@photofirstaid.co.uk and we will enhance the picture FOR FREE once we see you have donated on our Just Giving page.

What we won’t do…

We aren’t doing restoration work, no cracks, rips, crease, stain removal – it takes too long to do and would decrease the amount we can raise.

We can only work with emailed images – again it keeps our costs to an absolute minimum and speeds up the turnaround time if we are working with digital images only – the more photos we can enhance the more money we can raise!

 Finally, please please please tell your friends what we are doing!

The more donations we receive the more we can help RSPCA Preston and District. Tweet about it on Twitter, mention it on Facebook, show your friends, show your family, show your work colleagues.

Remember – you are getting something for your money – an enhanced photograph and your money is going to a fantastic cause.

RSPCA Preston and District costs around £240,000 a year to run, that equates to around a staggering £657.53 a day!

So that’s our goal, we want to be able to pay all of RSPCA Preston and Districts bills for one day.

Help us in our goal – you can donate on this page or by text.

Thanks so much!


Ol & Jen


  • Brought out the detail in a dark image +8