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Cancer Research UK

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Hello lovely people who are kind enough to visit my fundraising page!


For those of you that don't know me, I'm an actor, writer and filmmaker from North West England. For those of you that do...I'm sorry!

I've decided to set up this page to make it easier for you lovely people to donate to Cancer Research, a charity which is very dear to my heart and millions of others. Let's face it there are so many charities now....I thought about setting up my own but then thought that our/your money would be better contributed towards an organisation that knows what they're doing.

At the moment I'm playing my own game of  'kick the cancer' with my good friend Mr Chemo. Or Sir Chemo(alot) as he now likes to be known! At this time, I cannot run any marathons, or cycle from Blackpool to Paris and back again, or host a big fancy dress party. I'm focusing all my efforts on getting better and fighting this terrible disease in any way I can. I hope this is reason enough and in itself for you to dig deep and give any shrapnel out of your wallets and give to a charity which is helping me and so many people. I intend to do some tweeting marathons during 'chemochemo' time so follow if you like a laugh... www.twitter.com/bubblybex. When i've booted mr c up his bum completely i'll be thinking of inventive ways to raise more money and awareness of the power of positive thinking but until then, I still thought i'd get the ball rolling.

I'm sure you have been affected by cancer in someway before. Your dad, your grandma, a friend, a teacher or you have experienced having this illness. If it wasn't for cancer research, the specific treatment that is being given to me (as I type because i'm currently in hopsital having last part of cycle 4) would not have been found out and it might not have been so easy for me to get better.

Don't worry about giving your card details on here. It's ultra safe. I wouldn't have set the page up otherwise! You won't get any spam either - promise. Or you can personally be-head me.

Any little penny counts as I'm sure you know as you've seen adverts for various charities online, on TV or posters etc. Thanks in advance for anything you're prepared to give. People like you have saved my life.

Now please excuse me while I step out of the room, reach into my mouth, pull out my kidneys, wash them with soap and then pop them back in ready for another time spent holding hands with Sir Chemo (alot)


God bless ya!!


Lots of love, peace and respect


Bex (and mummy June) xxxx




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