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Quwwat Ul Islam Girls' School Rahma Mercy Albania Project

Fundraising for Rahma (Mercy)

70 %
raised of £14,000 target
by 50 supporters

Rahma (Mercy)

We provide aid and relief in the Balkans to improve lives impacted by communism.

Charity Registration No. 1097682


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Alhamdulillah, through the tawfeeq of Allah SWT, thePTA of Quwwat ul Islam Girls’ school are launching our biggest fundraisingcampaign to date. This year we have teamed up with UK charity, Rahma Mercy, to sponsor a classroom in theproposed Rahma Institute in Albania.



Following Rahma Mercy’s successful previouseducational projects, they have purchased 10,000 m2 of land in orderto build the Rahma Institute, astate of the art educational complex in Albania.


Thisproposed building will house the following:

BoardingFacility for Girls Higher Islamic Education, Madrassah, Prayer Hall,Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School, Outdoor and Indoor PlayingAreas, shops and more.



We have pledged to sponsora classroom in this complex, which will cost £14,000 and will cater for 25 students.


Quwwat ul Islam Girls’ school provides a wholesomeeducation to its students. Therefore, the PTA has chosen this particularproject that will empower our daughters to facilitate in providing a quality andenriched education to the children in Albania and go on this learning journeywith them.

5 people donate £1000

10 people donate £500

40 people donate £100




Insha Allah, this will be sadaqah e jaariya for all ofus. It will also be an educational project wherein the students will learnabout the history of Albania, understand the plights of refugees, orphans, widowsand those who have survived the effects of a war.


AboutRahma Mercy

Rahma Mercy was founded in 1999 in response tothe plight of the refugees who were fleeing from the war in Kosovo and had thussettled in Albania. Rahma Mercy discovered that as well as humanitarian aid,there was also a great need to revive Islam back into the lives ofthe Albanians.

Link to Rahma Mercy website:


History ofAlbania

Albania is our closest European Muslim majority countrybeing only a 3-hour flight away. It was under the Ottoman rule for over 400years before its collapse in the year 1912. In 1944 a Communist dictator tookover and over the span of 47 years Islam was completely prohibited from beingpractised in any way. After the collapse of communism in 1992, the Balkan wars andthe subsequent Kosovan war took place in which many Muslims were massacred.During this time the Kosovans (in the neighbouring region) fled for their livesand sought refuge in Albania. When a team of volunteers from the U.K (who laterfounded the Rahma Mercy) went to provide humanitarian relief they were shockedby the stories that the refugees in Albania told them about the atrocities theyhad suffered.

Additionally, the volunteers discovered that the peoplein Albania identified themselves as Muslims but because of communism they hadlost all knowledge of the Deen.


Ways to Donate


1.  Donate online via our JustGiving page. Alldonations will directly go to the charity and you will be able to gift aid thedonations:


2.  Donate by giving cash or cheques in a sealedenvelope with the amount clearly written to the school reception desk.


3.  Donate through one of our fundraisingactivities which we will be holding until the end of the school year for thiscause.


Please note only lillah or nafl sadaqah donations canbe accepted for this project.


We hope that you will once again open your hearts andhelp those who are less fortunate than ourselves.


Jazakallahu khairun for your ongoing support. May Allahmake this a means of acceptance for us and our families. Ameen.



PTA of Quwwat ul Islam Girls’ School