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running the Brighton Big Fun Run for Meningitis Research Foundation because they have been supportive from my experiences

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  • Event: BIG FUN RUN BRIGHTON, 14 Oct 2012

Meningitis Research Foundation

We fund research and raise awareness to create a world free from meningitis

Charity Registration No. England 1091105,SC037586, Ireland CHY 12030


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I had always heard about how deadly Meningitis was but was unaware of exactly how until:

In 2009 my son Dylan caught Meningitis i was unaware he was 10 months old, crawling around and eating solids then it all changed on 1st September 2009 he would stay in one place, cryed all the time and was not himself so took him to my GP who sent us to hospital only to be told it was a "Viral Infection" and was sent home next day his condition worsened so went back to my GP. He then sent us back to the hospital urgently and there was a different doctor who took a chance and did a lumbar puncture procedure even though she felt the result would be negative. A few hours went by we were in an isolation room and the doctor confirmed he did have menigitis and Dylan was immediately put on treatment to fight it. I was told later that if it had been 24 hours later then it might have been a different story.

Since then there is more awareness but still many lives have been claimed by this deadly disease, you are not safe as it affects all ages from babies to elderly. Meningitis Research Foundation are trying to make more awareness last year a petition was taken to No 10 to create another injection for all forms of the virus as there is currently only 1 available.

Please help me to make this happen by supporting me in the Fun Run in Brighton and together we can fight to make changes so please sponser me

Thank You



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