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In Memory of Rachel Majumdar

Fundraising for Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team

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Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team

Glencoe Mountain Rescue has been providing a free rescue service in the Glencoe area since 1961. Run entirely by volunteers and hugely reliant on donations for funding, the rescue service extends to mountains, rivers, lochs, caves and the sea across North Argyll and on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula.

Charity Registration No. SC015700


Hi all,

The Facebook posts written over the last few days have summed up perfectly what a friendly, happy, outgoing & inspiring person Rachel was.

Although we only knew Rachel for a relatively short period at university, playing squash for a year or two before we graduated (longer for those of you medics who seemed to be at uni forever!), the impact I think she had on us during that short amount of time was huge. Constantly smiling, encouraging and just a generally lovely person, Rachel I'm sure will be sorely missed by all.

Always committed to everything she did, Rachel would always be there for squash matches, even when it involved a 5 hour car trip to Birmingham (I think play lasted a total of 30 mins between 5 of us once we got there!), or when she could barely walk from the previous days exertion, which to us would probably mean crawling back from a night at Blu Bambu, but to Rachel was more likely to be a triathlon, crazy canoeing through city canal systems or orienteering across half the length of the UK - truly incredible and inspiring!

I hope this page will help to raise a bit of money for the glencoe mountain rescue team, something I'm sure Rachel would appreciate. So please donate whatever you can and feel free add your own comments/memories/photos. I'll put this page on FB so the squash teams from uni can see it, but feel free to send the page on if there's anyone you think I've missed off.

Sarah xx