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Hhugs's Ramadhan 2017

Fundraising for HHUGS

63 %
raised of £100,000 target
by 1,080 supporters


We provide support and advice to families affected by UK Anti-Terror laws

Charity Registration No. 1117924


At a time in life when our elders look forward to the support and
care of their children, an unexpected trial turns life upside down.

  • Feed a Family - £250 vouchers for the month / £50 Essential food pack
  • Unite a Family £150 - 1 month of prison visits / £50 per visit
  • Heal a Family  £200 - 1 month of counselling therapy - £50 per session
  • Shelter a Family £500 - 1 month’s  rent and basic utilities 

  • Restore Hope for a Child £250 (educational and recreational
  • Empower Our Mothers - £1000 to develop independence through
    vocational and educational courses, driving.
  • Give the Gift of Happiness 
    £10 Eid gift a child/£50 for a family
  • Share the Joy of Eid – £350 Ensure elderly parents and young
    children celebrate with the community

Imagine the frail hands of your parents. Once strong, these hands which have toiled hard to raise you are now a weaker version of their former self. The lines carved into weathered skin tell tales of a long life of toil, resilience and strength.

You have now grown up. The bustle and activity of the house you were raised in is now gone. Life has set into a quieter rhythm for your parents. Your once pudgy playful hand which sought their comfort are now strong, independent, able to serve.

Yet, as your parents’ frail hands look forward to finally leaning on you, the twilight of their lives is met with turmoil.

Arrested, and now in prison, your parents face questions they cannot answer, beset with confusion, grief and anxiety. The future ahead has suddenly become darker, uncertain, lonely. Harder than being
in prison is the knowledge that your parents, in their years of weakness, are left behind, vulnerable; yet you are powerless to fulfil their needs.

You yearn to be there to soothe their aching hearts.

You wish to tend to them through poor health.

You would give anything to ease the practical burdens
of their daily living.

You long to relieve their financial hardship.

But most of all, you fear they may not live long enough to see your return.

Reach out, in this month of Mercy, to clasp these frail hands – tomorrow, it could be our mothers, our fathers, stigmatized and struggling in uncertainty and isolation. Our children, left traumatised,
desperately in need of care.

This Ramadhan, be a light of hope in their time of darkness.

“As elderly parents, we are grateful to HHUGS for their help.
Their volunteers come and collect us in the morning, take us 100 miles to the prison, driving
us 3 hours to see my son.
We embrace my son and he kisses us on our foreheads. Sometimes he says, ‘there’s not much I can do for you except giving you a glass of water with my own hands’. The most painful sight is watching my son waving us goodbye as the visit is over.” 

Text RAMD48

£10 to 70070

0207 733 2104


Al Rayan Bank

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Account number: 01269701

Cheques payable to “HHUGS” - HHUGS

Office 36,

88-90 Hatton Garden,