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Rhino Rouge Reserves Car 17

The "reserves" are competing in Rhino Charge 2016! for Rhino Ark because ...we care about conservation and the water towers

15 %
raised of £13,333 target
by 19 supporters
  • Team members: Russell Neylan, Tonci Tadic, Mort McCloy, Jonno Baker
  • Event: Rhino Charge Kenya 2016, 30 May 2016

Rhino Ark

We build electric eco-fences in Africa to protect Africa's threatened ecosystems

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The Rhino Charge is an annual off road fundraising motorsport competition that has been held annually in Kenya since 1989. It is a competition that requires bravery and a high level of skill in off-road driving and navigation. The Rhino Charge is a fund raising event organized by Rhino Ark to raise funds for its conservation projects, including the world renowned Aberdare Electric Fence Project, Eburu forest and the Mt Kenya Forrest Fence.

Rhino Ark seeks solutions in the mountain range ecosystems of Kenya and for the benefit of Eastern Africa generally to conserve such ecologically precious indigenous forests and their provision of vital environmental services and to create a sustainable and harmonious environment that enables people and wildlife, including all flora and fauna, to coexist. These mountain forests are called “water towers”, which provide a yield of more than 15,800 million cubic meters per year, which is more than 75% of the renewable surface water resources of Kenya. Thus benefits a large range of other economic sectors that include the agriculture, forestry, fishing, electricity, water, hotels and accommodation, public administration and defense.

Well-managed montane forest cover reduces malarial disease prevalence, which is also a world asset. Some of the key goals of the Rhino Ark are;

The Protection of Endangered Species – The area is one of the last surviving enclaves of the Black Rhino and home to the rare Eastern Bongo antelope.

Water Protection – These mountain forests or “water Towers” are responsible for the essential rainfall that feed all
the seven largest rivers in Kenya, and is crucial for at least 70% of Kenya’s population. These water towers also provide all the water for Nairobi and its surrounding area (with a population of over 5 million people). 

Communities and Wildlife - Provide the water that
feeds the wildlife in the Mara – Serengeti ecosystem. Provide water to the Samburu and nomadic pastoralists of Northern Kenya.  

Community training and education programmes - to
help and support the 3,000,000 local farmers whose lands are adjacent to the Fence, both with community irrigation schemes and agro-forestry projects. 

Supply of Electricity – The Rivers of the
Aberdares flow North, South, East and West providing hydro-electric power to millions of Kenyans and most of Kenya’s industrial towns and cities.


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