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Richard battled for 4.5 long years without complaining.  He always had a smile on his face no matter how tough it got.  Richard really is our hero.....  He spent his last days in the Hospice and this is why as a family we want to raise as much as possible-though no amount will ever be enough to show our gratitude to the staff and volunteers for the fantastic work they do.


Many thanks to Mrs L McClintock who kindly gave a cheque for £50 to Mandy for the Hospice.

Saturday 3rd October 2015 RLG Carbooters out in force today at the Ballymena market-what a day. It started really cold at 6.30am for Lisa and Ann. When the light finally came up and Donna, Alan & Sharon rolled out of bed---what a day!!!!! Two prams, a computer, an angle grinder, 14 glass bottles and a kitchen sink later we raised a phenomenal £703.00 UNBELIEVABLE Presales of £321, Table £234.60, £147.40 in the buckets allowed us to donate £350 to Turning Point and £353 to NI Hospice. £34,814.00 has now been raised since 7th December 2013 for the Hospice. A massive thank you to all our team, to everyone who donates stock to us and to all of our customers.......................

Saturday 19th September 2015 What a fantastic day at the Ballymena Market-with a fantastic £194 of presales, £193 at the table, a whopping £113 in Donnas small collection box and a super-tastic £190 in Alans collection bucket we ended the day with an amazing £690 between NI Hospice and Turning Point.  We had a great fun day and raised a good amount for our charities.  Well done and thank you to Lisa, Ann, Sloan, Donna and Alan.

Sean Barr & Michelin Security Dept  A huge thank you to Sean and all the team in the Michelin Security department for presenting Alan, our esteemed team member, with a donation of £100.  We are delighted to accept this and we know the NI Hopsice will be extremely grateful.

Saturday 5th September 2015 was a cold, crisp morning but hey at least it stayed dry.  With a total of £116 pre-sales, an amazing £100 in Donnas bucket and a huge £204 at the table we raised £420 between the NI Hospice and Turning Point.  Massive thanks to Lisa, Ann, Sloan, Donna, Alan and Mandy for the great work.

Friday 21st August 2015 was our Clear out sale behind the Spar on the Larne Road,  Ballymena.  A lot of hard work was put into setting up by Ann, Sloan, Sharon, Alan, Donna, Carrie-ann & Roxi.  A huge thanks for all the transporting and unfortunately heavy lifting but what a result-£444 split between NI HOSPICE &  TURNING POINT. Well done to Sloan for securing our temporary premises for storage and display. Missing today was Mandy who had to work and Lisa who only managed 4 of the 6 hrs due to her mum being in hospital.  Thank you to everyone who continually supports us with supplying stock, our new & regular customers and all the team for their dedication and hard work-we really couldn't have done this without you all............

Saturday 15th August 2015 Ann and Sloan decided to do a bootsale in Ballymena and what a great decision-with £30 pre-sales and £110 at the table a fantastic £140 was lifted and split between NI HOSPICE & TURNING POINT NI.  Well done to you both.

Saturday 8th August 2015  RLG car booters back in Ballymena today.  In attendance were Lisa, Ann, Donna and Alan.  The sun shone all morning and we certainly came back a lot lighter than we went.  A fabulous £51 in pre sales and £229 at the table brought in a wonderful £280 for both charities.  £140 each to NI Hospice and Turning Point Ballymena.  Thank you to all the customers who supported us and to the crew for all their help......Good luck to Turning Point on 16th for their  "Its a Knockout" challenge and fun day at the Mitchelin club 1pm to 6pm.......Roll on the 21st for our big clear out sale behind the Spar on the Larne road 1pm to 7pm...........

Saturday 25th July 2015 back to Ballymena with Lisa, Ann, Sloan, Mandy and Alan.  Both the money and the fun was flowing again and Ann & Lisa were donning some of the leather shorts and tutus which ultimately raised £256 between the both charities.  Keep it coming......

Saturday 11th July 2015 Ann, Alan and Donna had a real good laugh at the Ballymena market and lifted and incredible £260.  Donna and Mandy are volunteers in the newly opened Turning Point in the town. In memory of Donnas son Stuart (Rickys cousin) we are now splitting the money between the two very deserving causes so thats another £130 to add to the pot-well done everyone.

Saturday 27th June 2015 Glenvarna was the location for this weeks car boot sale and although customers were few and far between we still managed a respectable £140.  Huge thanks to Lisa, Ann & Sloan for the early start and all the hard selling and a special mention to Lauren & Lola who gave us a hand (and a few quid) when they finally got up!  Great work everyone...........thank you all.................

Thursday 18th June 2015 was Terry's Annual fundraiser for Marie Currie and it was a lovely evening.  A fantastic turnout of stalls and an amazing £114.40 was raised.  Huge thanks to Ann, Sloan, Alan, Sharon, Carrie-ann, Roxi & Lisa (briefly).  Donna and Mandy raised well over £300 for the recently formed and much needed Turning Point in Ballymena for Mental Health awareness & Suicide Prevention. Well done to you both and good luck for your future success.

Saturday 13th June 2015  Once again the car booters were out at the Ballymena market braving the wind (bbrrrr) and cold to raise money for the NI Hospice. A fantastic £71 in pre-sales, £120 at the table and £101 in the bucket was raised by Lisa, Ann and Donna. Huge thank you to all 3 of us for an amazing £292 bringing the overall total to £30,955.00 Thank you to all of you who donate stock and to all the customers for supporting our cause. A special mention this week to the RLG Car booters for being Highly Commended for the Institute of fundraising Volunteer of the year award 2015-beaten only by a Dr from the City Hospital-what a wonderful way to acknowledge the support all our customers and donors have given us. Huge well done to NI Hospice on being Highly Commended for their Lights to remember appeal and for WINNING Team of the Year 2015.

Saturday 30th May 2015  Well done to Lisa, Ann, Sloan, Donna, Mandy and Alan on a really warm and wonderful day.  Pre-sales of £166 and at the table was £225 giving us an overall total of £30,663.  A special thanks to Paul Dempster for purchasing Bruce Anstey's knee sliders.

Saturday 9th May 2015  The faithfuls were out at the Ballymena Market and really sold well at the clothes.  Ann, Sloan, Donna, Alan and Mandy raised a fantastic £272.  Well done everyone and apologies from Lisa with another unreliable Fiat moment.

YIPPEE  Saturday 2nd May 2015 and we did it-30K at the Glenvarna indoor sale all thanks to Lisa, Ann, Sloan, Sharon and Alan....only words required are AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING

Saturday 18th April 2015 was a fantastic day-the sun was shining and dare i say lots of customers with big happy faces...doesn't the sun bring out the best in us humans? There will be plenty of people running around the town looking amazing with the amount of clothes we sold this week.  Our 50p table worked wonders and the buns stopped flying and started melting but even the faulty Fiat did not deter us...Internet sales of £49 Table sales of £201 Alan's great job on the bucket (sorry i mean WITH the bucket ha ha) of £92 and the 'Higgest bidder' for the Carl Frampton boxing glove-donated to Sloan and raising £100 brings this weeks total to £442-AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING.  Huge thanks to Lisa, Donna,  Ann, Mandy and Alan for all the work on the day, Sloan for all the internet sales and to everyone in the team for all the goods we collect for our sales and to everyone of our customers.......we couldn't do this without you.....No rest for the wicked they was off to B+M for Donna, Mandy and Lisa to bag pack in aid of Mental Health & Suicide awareness for Turning Point opening on 2nd May 2015.  The first of its kind in Ballymena the drop in centre will provide invaluable support along with a 24hour phone line......Good luck to all.... 

Saturday 11th April 2015  RLGers were at the all new (all the same) Ballymena Market with its new layout.  Unfortunately it was freezing but a huge thanks to Donna, Mandy, Ann, Sloan and Alan who gave up their time and effort to lift a fantastic £27 in the bucket and £196 at the table.  Thanks you lot for another £223.  Lisa and Lola only appeared for an hour or so due to a faulty Fiat and a not so well baba.

April 2015 No boot sale this week but Carrie-ann took all the remaining buns that Donna had baked for Roxi's birthday party into work and raised a fantastic £47.  Ann and Sloan have been internet selling all the goods donated to them and the rest of the team bringing in a fantastic £207.  Overall total £254 wowee

Thursday 26th March 2015 we all met the Mayor of Ballymena at the town hall for tea to celebrate achieving £28,804.00 for the N.I. Hospice in memory of Richard.  A huge thank you to Lisa, Donna, Ann, Mandy, Alan, Joanne, Sloan, Roxi and Lola for all the hard work so far. Sharon Gorman Donor officer for N.I. Hospice was there to receive the cheque and to thank us all for the dedication to such a worthy cause.  To be continued...............................

Saturday 21st March 2015 Wow a total of £363 which was a surprise to us all-everyone got a bargain today and Miss Lola even raised £43 all by herself in her bucket.  Huge thanks to Lisa, Donna, Ann, Sloan and Miss Lola for their hard work.  It was also lovely to see Mandy, Tizane and Brooke. 

Saturday 14th March 2015 was a very cold day at the Ballymena market and it definitely showed in the amount of people around.  The pre sellers Ann & Sloan who raised £61 through their internet sales and Donna who sold her rocking chair for £25 in favor of a space for her exercise bike led the way to a very worthy £193.  Huge thanks to Ann, Sloan, Donna and Alan who gave their time for this worthy cause. While Lisa and Miss Lola only put in a measly 2 hours it was still great to meet up with the family.  

Saturday 7th March 2015 An early start for some and a slightly later start for others began at Glenvarna and whilst we officially took only 3 tables this time we still seemed to spread out round the hall ha ha. We had quite a bit of unusual stock this time but surprisingly we sold loads of it-we could actually see out our car windows on the return journey-something were not at all used to.  Some stuff sold for less than we maybe wanted but we did get good prices for others.  Huge thanks to Lisa, Ann and Sloan for a great job £216.00   Quick mention for the missing members Mandy, Donna and Alan-hope ur all doing ok and maybe see uz next week for Ballymena.............................

Sunday 1st March 2015 Although we haven't managed any car boot sales for a couple of weeks Ann and Sloan have been busy sending the internet into melt down (only kidding).  Seriously though they have done fantastic with all their wheeling and dealing from home and raised a phenomenal £320  Well done to both of them.

Friday 13th February 2015 Broughshane community centre was the venue for the Gateway Indoor boot sale who themselves raised over £580 for their charity. Lisa, Donna, Ann, Sloan, Mandy, Carrie-ann, Princess Roxi, Sharon & Alan all donated their time and effort to raise a massive £475.  Lauren & Princess Lola eventually found Broughshane and the girls had lots of fun testing all the toys. Although there was the usual fighting over prices the winner of 'Twat of the night' goes to Lisa-when Joanne arrived with 4 beautiful chairs smarty pants thought she would get £50 for them and wouldn't be told different,  Donna wanted them to go for £40 and although we ended the night still on speaking terms the chairs came back home with us-you live and learn ha ha. A huge thank you to Carrie-ann who organised a quiz sheet in honor of Ricky with questions all about his favorite songs and bands. Carrie-ann sold the sheets for £1 each and raised a phenomenal £229  I can just imagine the cheeky wee grin he must have on his face right now.  Thanks to everyone for doing your clear outs again and donating stock-we are always very grateful.....

Saturday 7th February 2015 was a pretty cold day but it didnt stop Lisa, Donna, Mandy and Alan doing our thang at the market. We were all amazed just how many clothes sold at one point it felt like we were working in Primark. An egg in the bacon baps this week definitely hit the spot and an excellent £466 was raised overall.  Alan had the touch with £102 in the bucket and Donna and Ann raised over £130 in pre-sales.  Big thank you to all involved plus the good folk of Ballymena....

Saturday 24th January 2015  What a cold day in Ballymena market-hardly any traders and even less customers turned out but we still managed a very respectable £267.  A huge thank you to Lisa, Ann, Sloan and Donna for shivering our way through the morning to bring the total to a jaw dropping  £26,761.00  well done all the team..........

Saturday 17th January 2015 and after a wee break the team took to the Glenvarna Centre for our 46th carboot sale.  The snowy weather didnt put us off and the customers did us proud-a brilliant £403.50 lifted in total with pre sales of £126 from Ann & Sloan and £50 raised by Mandy from the sale of the Chelsea top.  £227.50 at the table which turned out to be a really great day for us.  Lisa, Ann, Sloan, Donna, Alan and our little mascot Princess Lola shifted quite a bit of stock-although in Lola's case it was from all the other stands-shes just not got the idea of selling instead of playing!!!!! I have been reliably informed  by the ladies in the know that all proceeds from the red box recycling is going to the Hospice this year so while Donna has been spotted chasing tins around Wakehurst its maybe a good time to make an extra effort to recycle.........Huge thanks to all the team today........

Saturday 20th December 2014 and the truly dedicated Ann, Sloan, Donna and Alan headed to Ballymena Market to nab all those with money left before Christmas. Wow-£362 was lifted through pre sales of £122 and £240 at the table.  Special mention to Sloan for all the internet sales week on week and a huge thank you to all the team, the people who donate time, stock and money to such a worthy cause and to all our customers-Have a peaceful Christmas and a healthy new year.........................................

Thursday 11th December 2014 was our pre Christmas Jumble sale in Harryville Community Centre. Lisa, Donna, Ann, Sloan, Mandy, Sharon, Alan, Joshua, Carrie-ann & Roxi had a fantastic time raising a fabulous £646.20  This included £100 charity cheque from Mandy, £193 internet sales from Ann & Sloan, £50 from Donna, £20 donation and a whopping £283.20 at the table.  Not as busy as we would have liked being so close to Christmas but a great amount lifted. Many thanks to all the people who turned out to support us...... 

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