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raising money for SpecialEffect because I love what they do.

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We help disabled people to use technology in any way possible

Charity Registration No. 1121004


I've set-up this page because I wanted to give visitors to Rocket Cheetah a way to say, "thanks for the site", but without actually having to give ME any money.

Instead of asking readers to contribute to server costs or boring things like that, I'm asking that you make a donation to an amazing charity, SpecialEffect. Your donation tells me that you really like Rocket Cheetah and want to see the site continue and that's motivation enough for me to work hard to make the site better. None of the money you pledge goes to me or Rocket Cheetah... but the good vibes do! :)

SpecialEffect is an amazing charity that helps people with disabilities enjoy video games and creative entertainment. It may sound frivolous at first but their work shows how playing games can have an enormously positive impact for these people.

Click here to find out a bit more about SpecialEffect or click here to visit their website.