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25th September 2022

Chesham Cricket Club invited us to play a match with lunch to raise funds for prostate cancer research. We are grateful to all who took part and to those who came for lunch and to support the cause. The match raised £555 which has gone into the Bob Willis Fund and a raffle/heads and tails raised £231.00. We thank Jonathan Royals, Chairman of Chesham CC, Worcestershire CCC for their kind donation and all who contributed in any way.

29th April 2022

The final walk of our 10 taking in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Middlesex cricket grounds ended with a lunch for 80 people at High Wycombe Cricket Club on Friday 29th April 2022.We were delighted to be joined by Allan Lamb, Mick Harford, Lauren Clark and Geoff Howarth. Ron and Lauren had appeared live on BBC Three Counties Radio a couple of weeks earlier to inform of the need to raise funds for more research into this awful cancer which kills so many men.

With some wonderful donations to our prize draw especially the star prize of dinner at The Waterside Inn, Bray on Thames the draw raised an amazing £1700 towards our prostate cancer fund raising efforts. Won by Jim Spooner, a popular winner. I understand Jim will be eating in style at the end of July 2022.

The total with gift aid is now over £10250 and still more keeps coming in. Thank you to Glynis Langford and Pat Hedley for preparing lunch and to all who helped serve it. 

Ron stated that this was his last fund raising effort, maybe.

Click on Media to see photos from the walk and lunch. Buckinghamshire CCC Over 60s and Over 70s took the opportunity to present end of season awards for the 2021 season.

22nd April 2022

Our Beaconsfield walk became our ninth walk and yet again we were greeted by fine weather, although cloudy and windy.

We set out from Beaconsfield CC and walked along the newly opened road taking traffic away from Beaconsfield Old Town.

This was followed by a walk, led by Pat Hedley across meadows and then back to Beaconsfield CC. Ron walked with the Rev Clifford who is recovering from a replacement knee operation so we did not get as far as the rest of the walkers. David Faragher chose to join Ron and Clifford, he is still probably regretting his decision. I am not sure that he got a word in other than to make me jealous as he is going to see The Rolling Stones in Liverpool soon.

Spice Merchant, Beaconsfield served us a lovely take away which was much enjoyed. John Pothecary received an annual award as he cannot make the walk and lunch at High Wycombe CC on Friday 29th April, our final walk.

It is now all down to our final walk and lunch at HWCC on Friday. We have sold £1500 of tickets for our draw, another amazing amount. Thank you all.

21st April 2022

It is now confirmed that we shall be joined on our High Wycombe walk and lunch by the most successful New Zealand Cricket Test Captain. We are delighted he can make the day.

There is still time to join the draw for a superb meal at The Waterside Inn, Bray on Thames. Do not miss the chance.

   Kimble CC Walk 14.04.2022

Another lovely weather day greeted the walkers at Kimble CC this morning. The ground looks great thanks to Peter and his team. Dawn had tea and biscuits ready for us on arrival. A walk across the lovely Buckinghamshire countryside was enjoyed and half way round we had a good lunch, lots of fish and chips. Great to see so many walking and to be joined by Sue Klyne, Paul Dean and Elroy Hull, what do you call a gathering of cricket scorers? David and Helen Oddy travelled from Cambridgeshire to be with us and we were delighted to see them.

And better...........

Thanks to Allan Lamb we now have Lauren Clark, Bob Willis's widow joining our walk at High Wycombe CC on Friday 29th April 2022. 

Bob died from prostate cancer and Lauren is joining us to raise funds and awareness of this killer disease. Lauren also has her own campaign to raise funds and to make sure all avenues to treat the cancer earlier are explored.

We have just heard that Lauren and Ron Hedley have been invited to chat about prostate cancer and our walks on BBC 3 Counties Radio on their breakfast show at 750am on Monday 11th April.

It just gets better....

Yesterday I had a call from the PA of Alain Roux, who owns the three Michelin Star's, Waterside Inn, Hotel and Restaurant in Bray, near Maidenhead. Due to a long friendship with Allan Lamb, plus a letter from me, they have very kindly donated a voucher for a "Three Course Dinner for Two" at the restaurant to be auctioned in aid of our Prostate Cancer UK walks. I cannot tell you what a wonderful gesture I find this and thank Alain and his P.A,. Lee so very much.

We will give thought to how we auction the voucher and will keep you informed. It will certainly be part of our walk and meal at High Wycombe Cricket Club on Friday 29th April 2022.

Please go to to see what a wonderful gesture this is.

2022. 25th February update

I am delighted and excited to announce that Ex England Footballer Mick Harford is to join our lunch at High Wycombe Cricket Club on Friday 29th April. He will be joining England Cricketing Legend Allan Lamb. This is the icing on the cake for our series of walks which have now raised over £6400, including Gift Aid.

Mick won two England caps whilst playing for Luton Town FC. He played for 10 clubs, with two spells at Luton Town FC. He is a rare player in that being a "Mackem" he played for his home town Sunderland FC and for the arch rivals Newcastle United FC. Having a Geordie father and a Geordie wife I am looking forward to chatting with Mick about his time with both Clubs. Mick is still a very important part of Luton Town FC and is an icon for the fans. Mick was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and with the staff of Luton Town FC has raised thousands to support Prostate Cancer UK.

We thank Mick for giving up his time and will be delighted to welcome him to High Wycombe Cricket Club.

Fundraising is now at £6400.24 including Gift Aid. Target is now £7000.00

We can now finalise our final three walks. (I cannot promise there will not be more in the future as they have been great fun)

Our walks will be as follows;

Thursday 14th April 2022 at Kimble CC meet at 10.45am. Peter Spinks, and probably Dawn, will be providing a hot meal in the Clubhouse. A small charge will be made

Friday 22nd April 2022 at Beaconsfield CC. Meet at 10.45am at the cricket club. "Spice Merchants" Old Beaconsfield and Cookham will be providing a meal at reduced cost and we thank them. A small charge will be made for lunch.

Friday 29th April 2022 at High Wycombe Cricket Club. Meet at 10.45 am.

This is the special one. A lunch from me, cooked by Glynis Langford and Pat Hedley, to say thank you to all those who have joined a walk and have also donated to our Just Giving account. You can still get an invite by walking at Kimble CC or Beaconsfield CC, or both (and donating).

We are delighted to announce that England Test Cricket Icon Allan Lamb will be joining this walk and we are honoured by his offer to join us.

We shall also be presenting the 2021 Season Awards, as we have been unable to arrange an Annual Dinner.

To help with catering we need to know if you are joining any of these three walks.

For the final walk it is felt that to attend you must have made a donation to the Prostate Cancer UK, cause. A suggested donation is £25 minimum, if you are taking part in a walk.

Please ask family, friends and work colleagues to support you by donating.

You and they can do this at

We and Prostate Cancer UK thank you.

Friday 24th December 2021

The Christmas Tree became a success as we know at least one man who decided to go for a PSA test after seeing the tree and talking about the issues with us. I also found out our tree received 9 votes, not a winning score but the same as The Evening W.I. of which Pat is a member and she helped prepare their tree. Success.

The next walk is arranged, it will be from Kimble CC on Thursday 14th April. Time to be confirmed.

We had great news last week when we heard that a former England Test cricketing icon wishes to join one of our walks. We are waiting for him to confirm if it will be on Friday 22nd or Friday 29th April, which will be from High Wycombe CC followed by a thank you lunch for all who have taken part in a walk and made a donation.

When we have it confirmed we will also confirm the date for our Beaconsfield CC walk.

Fund raising, including Gift Aid, is now at £5920.24. THANK YOU

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th November 2021

Holy Trinity Church, Penn, Buckinghamshire.

The Church has its Annual Christmas Tree Festival on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th November, it takes place from 2pm until 6pm on both days. This year there are 22 trees entered and Buckinghamshire CCC Over 60s and Over 70s have entered a tree, as you can see by the picture.

If one person discovers more about Prostate Cancer UK, it will have been worth the effort.

Take the children/grand children as there will be chocolate money with the Prostate Cancer tree.

Our fund raising is now at £5650.

Hawridge & Cholesbury CC  Thursday 21st October 2021

Heavy rain through the night put our final walk of 2021 in doubt as more rain and very cold conditions were forecast. However someone has been looking over all of our walks as we had blue sky and, out of the wind, a hot sun for the walk around the lovely countryside around Hawridge & Cholesbury.

Richard Vasey and friend treated us to bacon rolls, a pot of tea was on hand to greet the walkers. With eight joining us for the first time we now total 59 walkers and Neil's dog made it 5 dogs on our walks. We walked through the local woods which were very muddy due to the recent heavy rain. Fortunately Neil Jones arrived just as Richard appeared to be lost and he guided us all to the The Full Moon pub, Cholesbury for an excellent lunch and a lot of laughter. We say a huge thank you to Phil and Hannah at The Full Moon for their amazing donation to our cause.

As I write the total, including Gift Aid, is now a remarkable  £4870.00.

Yet again we thank everyone who has donated.

We also left books as part of The Book Fairy campaign.

Please keep watching our "Just Giving" page and emails for a News Update in the 1st week of November 2021

Little Missenden Misfits CC Monday 18th October 2021

Our walk from Little Missenden Misfits CC through Little Missenden to Shardeloes, the home of Amersham CC was threatened with heavy rain but yet again our walk started in dry conditions, but cloudy. No one will believe this, apart from Gill, but Francis got lost. We met him and Andy Gurdial at The Red Lion pub as the walk progressed through the village. We had an enjoyable walk to Shardeloes, seeing the magnificent Shardeloes House and a lake with 100s of ducks. Apt for cricketers walking. We numbered 13 walkers plus David Tossell's dog. That makes it 4 dogs walking with us now. We had lunch in a marquee at The Crown pub and the heavens opened. Keith and David reckoned the rain would cease at around 6pm. Fortunately it stopped after about 30 mins and we all dashed the 1/4 mile back to Little Missenden Misfits CC to collect cars. Well! Dashed maybe be pushing it. While walking our Just Giving, with Gift Aid, went over £4000, remarkable.

Please give if you have walked and not already and pass the link to friends and family.

Our walks are making a difference.

Bledlow Ridge CC Saturday 9th October 2021

On a beautiful October Saturday morning 14 walkers and 2 dogs set out from Bledlow Ridge CC for a walk which was measured at 4.4 miles. David, Mary and the dogs travelled from Brackley to join our walk, thank you. We saw the Buckinghamshire countryside at its best and also had a quick look in the very old Radnage Church. Due to a couple of gruelling hills near to the end some of us think it felt more like 7 miles, but we all made it back to the Club for drinks, paninis and cakes. We can recommend the cafe in the cricket club if you fancy a walk and a cuppa. The sun shone on us yet again and whilst walking our Just Giving donations with Gift Aid reached £3500. An incredible achievement by so many walkers and those who have donated. We walk again on the 18th and 21st October, join us if you wish.

Mary! You Tube and search Larry Warry, you will not regret it.

Chearsley CC, Friday 1st October 2021

The final walk of the first week of raising money for Prostate Cancer UK took us from Chearsley CC to Cuddington and back, we took a slightly different route back to Chearsley.. A total walk of about 4 miles through the lovely village of Chearsley across the delightful Buckinghamshire Countryside. For the fourth day running we managed to miss the rain which made the walk more of a pleasure, My thanks to Peter Redfern for organising the walk which ended with a very nice lunch in The Bell, Chearsley. The next walk is at Bledlow Ridge CC on Saturday 9th October.

Have a look at The Gallery and see the two photos Colin Ainger took of Burnham Beeches houses.

The Jolly Woodman, Littleworth Common. Thursday 30th September 2021

The latest walk at Littleworth Common incorporated Buckinghamshire Over 60s and 70s and Berkshire Over 70s.

We even had eleven players with five bowlers, a wicketkeeper and some batting. Rain fell during the morning but stopped in time for us to take a lovely walk to Burnham Beeches via a magnificent house which is having a state of the art Polo Field ( hope that is correct) built for International Players to compete. The walk was recoded at 4.3 miles and we retired to The Jolly Woodman for a lovely lunch. As we sat down for lunch the heavens opened so yet again for the third day running we avoided the rain whilst walking. Many thanks to Chris Lowe for organising and leading our walk and thanks to all who took part especially our friends from Berkshire CCC.

While having lunch we noticed with the help of Gift Aid our Just Giving page total had reached £2000. Thank you so much to so many people. Prostate Cancer UK sent me a message to thank everyone for their amazing effort.

Princess Risborough CC           Wednesday 29th September 2021

Thirteen Over 60s Men and Two Ladies (photo shy ladies) set out from Princes Risborough CC for our 2nd walk of the week.

Glynis met us for lunch. which is lucky for us as she managed to sort the lunches order and get it right.

David and Helen Oddy joined us having driven from Perry in Huntingdonshire. David has been amazing all summer for the 4th Xl and we thank Helen too.

David Brooker tells me we walked 4.5 miles which was across beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside. We had a stop at the Lyde Garden in Bledlow and also inspected the square of Bledlow Village CC, well we did have at least 4 groundsmen in our party.

Due to Morris Dancers and a wake at The Lions of Bledlow, we had a long wait for food, but it was worth waiting for and we got to rest our weary limbs.

Wembley CC Tuesday 28th September 2021

Our walks began today at Wembley Cricket Club and we had a great time. Nine people took part, 7 from Middlesex CCC Over 60s/70s and 2 from Buckinghamshire CCC Over 60s/70s. Thank you all for joining us especially with the problems getting fuel.

Our proposed walk of about 3 miles turned into about 5.5 miles. Lunch was taken at a very nice pub by Wembley Stadium. During the lunch David Lander showed everyone that the "Just Giving" page had passed £1000. A round of applause in the pub.

Thank you to every one who has donated so far. It is amazing.

If you have walked or are going to walk please donate at least £20 for the charity. The T shirt costs them £5 plus the cost of badges, balloons etc before they have funds for research.

We also left some books on a plinth at Wembley Stadium as part of "The Book Fairy" campaign which is to get more people to read.

Look up "The Book Fairy website. We will be leaving some books on every walk.


Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

Ron Hedley did a March for Men with Jeff Stelling in 2017 to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. In 2018 Ron found out he had contracted prostate cancer and cancer of the spine and pelvis. He has received amazing support from family and friends and the Over 60s and Over 70s cricketing family. He is now organising a series of short walks with his Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Middlesex Over 60s and Over 70s team mates and friends to fit in with Jeff Stelling's latest fund raising campaign.

Everybody is encouraged to join at least one of the walks.

The walks will take place rain or shine.

Currently the walks confirmed are as follow;

Tuesday 28th September at Wembley CC

Wednesday 29th September at Princes Risborough CC

Thursday 30th September at The Jolly Woodman, Littleworth Common, Buckinghamshire.

Friday 1st October at Chearsley CC

Saturday 9th October at Bledlow Ridge CC

All walks will aim to end with a lunch at a local pub or cafe.

Further walks will be held later in October and will be added to the website when confirmed.

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Verified by JustGiving

RCN 1005541 and in Scotland (SC039332)
Prostate Cancer UK has a simple ambition - to stop men dying from prostate cancer. Through shifting the science over the next 10 years to focus on radical improvements in diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and support, we will stop prostate cancer being a killer.

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