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Sarah's Sponsored Channel Swim!

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  • Event: ASPIRE Channel Swim 2006, 03 Dec 2006


We support people with Spinal Cord Injury to help them live full, independent lives

Charity Registration No. 1075317


UPDATE #6: Sunday 3RD DECEMBER Well the official end of this sponsored swim has arrived. I had intended to continue swimming right until this end but things came up. Won't bore you with details. I'm still proud as I've achieved my goal and done just over 22 miles  This is my final update so i just want to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to all those lovely people who sponsored me. I am truly grateful and won't forget it. These may be my last words on this page but this site and myself are accepting sponsorship for 2 more months until 3rd february 2007. Thank you and bless you all.  Sarah xxx 

UPDATE#5: Sunday 12TH NOVEMBER Yipeeeeeee still a month to go and I've finished!  Well done me LOL. I have swam 1660 lengths in total and this is more than 22 miles heeheee bonjour mes amie I'm giddy  

UPDATE#4: Friday 3RD NOVEMBER I haven't got webbed feet afterall yet. However, I think that I could possibly morph into a mermaid soon LOL. I'm happy to report that I have swam a total of 1380 lengths and France is in view .  There is exactly 1 months swimming time left so I can tred water for a while  Thanks for lookin'

UPDATE#3: Tuesday 10TH OCTOBER I am quite pleased with myself. Its been a month now, just one third of the way through in terms of time yet I have swam more than halfway across the channel!  As of today I have swam a total of 880 lengths...more than 11 miles    I think I am doing well.  I haven't got webbed feet or started breathing through gills yet either LOL! Thanks for looking and reading. My watery adventure continues.......

 UPDATE#2: Monday 25TH SEPTEMBER  Well folks its been 2 weeks and I'm still alive. I've managed a 2 hour swim every weekday morning doing 72 lengths each time except these last 2 times when I overslept to I only managed 50 and then 52.  Did I say ONLY  well in total so far I've clocked up 566 lengths. I'm happy

 UPDATE#1:   Monday 11TH SEPTEMBER  At last the first day of this event has arrived and I can get started and give you an update. I'm delighted to say I've got off to a great start as I swam 72 lengths, which is double what I need to do per session. I just hope I can keep up the pace. I shall certainly try! No creaking bones yet today but I bet I go out like a light tonight.. Many thanks to my supporters and sponsors  To be continued......

Hiya Friends,

A huge thank you first of all for just looking . From 11th sept to 3rd dec 2006 I will be participating in this sponsored swimming event to raise funds to help people who have spinal cord injuries. I will be swimming the equivalent of the english channel in my local pool, i.e 22 miles! This works out at 1620 lengths and I chose to do this in memory of Super actor Christopher Reeve. Most of you know I take part in an annual event to raise money for another worthy cause so I realise asking for this extra support is a big ask. It is a huge effort on my part and so any and all sponsorship will be just as equally appreciated.  Of course it goes without saying that I take offline sponsorship as well. Its also important to note that I will be constantly updating this page as much as is possible. Please feel free to email me anytime if you have any questions or suggestions  Thank you all so very much

Take care,

Hugs Sarah xxx

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