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, nay we're to run a 1/2 marathon (snail suited!) for Zoological Society Of London because they support snail conservation

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  • Team members: Ellie Stringer
  • Event: Bupa 2012 Great Birmingham Run, 21 Oct 2012

Zoological Society Of London

We fund research and conservation projects to protect animals and habitats worldwide

Charity Registration No. 208728


Seventeen years ago the Zoo Community despatched an Emergency Task Force to the islands of French Polynesia in the Pacific- its mission, to rescue a certain group of snails from the JAWS of certain Extinction.

The victims; little tree snails called Partula. The enemy; an alien predator snail introduced from Florida, the so-called Rosy Wolf!

Before help had arrived, 56 different species of Partula had already been gobbled up...

Scooping up the few that remained they were whisked to safety and scattered amongst 20 zoos world wide whilst a solution to the alien invasion was sought...

After many heads were scratched, meetings held and clever people consulted it was decided protective reserves needed to be built, complete with electric fences and salt moats to keep the predator OUT and the precious Partula IN.

Design perfected, zoo snails recouped, reintroduction can begin.

The year 2013 is the beginning of the fight back.

After rallying all the help possible, reserves will be rolled out across three islands invaded by the predator where Partula once thrived!

Your donation will directly finance this conservation project, the only one of it's type in the whole wide world...

We appreciate that raising awareness of the predicament of an abscure group of snails from spots in the ocean 16, 000 miles away is a hard sell. So thanks very much for you r support.





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