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Save the Rohingya

raising funds for Partners UK because the Rohingya are about to be washed away.

73 %
raised of $10,000 target
by 150 supporters

Partners UK

We undertake relief & development projects to bring free, full lives for children

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I have been campaigning for the Rohingya since last June. You can see some of my efforts on SaveTheRohingya.blogspot.com

I have watched the Rohingya go through two targeted genocidal attacks where over 7000 homes were burnt to the ground and many were slaughtered including children.

I saw how they were marched into camps where they were in effect held prisoner, often denied aid and access to healthcare.

We have watched them die from starvation, untreated diseases, and brutally slaughted; their men and boys have been tortured; their women and girls raped; many drowned at sea. And then.....

Then they were intentionally left in the path of an approaching cyclone. Thousands living in makeshift camps already very weak were not allowed to travel out of the area. They would have been washed away. Many people were going to die. The Burma government had been warned months ago to move these people to safety. They chose to ignore the warnings.

On the contrary to moving the Rohingya to safety, the Burmese authorities moved many of these vulnerable people to live nearer to the sea!

Thanks to nothing short of a miracle, the cyclone passed them and this tragedy did not come to pass.

This fund was set up to help the survivors. The Rohingya were already in desperate need. This situation has now just got much worse as many Rohingya shelters were destroyed before the anticipated cyclone and now they have less than nothing.

I am in contact with Oddny Gumaer, an amazing lady, founder of Partners Relief. They are on the ground in Sittwe, Burma, trying to help the Rohingya right now. In my opinion, they are best placed to help, and the most trustworthy, so I have decided to fund raise for them.

You can be assured that every penny donated here raised will be used to try and help as many of the victims of this humanitarian tragedy as is possible.

Please give generously. Our efforts will never be enough but may save some lives and bring some hope to some of these desperate people.

If you want to know more about the Rohingya and the Muslim religious cleansing in Burma please watch this selection of videos.


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