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Steve Prescott Foundation

We support 3 great causes! to help injured RL players and beat cancer!

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At 10.15am on Sunday, 25th September I began a strollI at St Helens rugby ground in Swansea. The following Sunday, 2nd October at 12.45pm, I finished the stroll - at the new St Helens rugby ground in Merseyside. The walk from St Helens to St Helens was done to raise money for the Steve Prescott Foundation.
The stroll was just over 200 miles and I did it in eight days. Along the way I nearly got run over several times (notably by a pink Cadillac), suffered blisters and lacerations to the feet that a chiropodist suggested would need hospital treatment and walked an average of over 25 miles per day on my own, without any iPod or anything. There were times I felt so lonely and was in so much pain that I felt like giving up.
What kept me going was the fear of letting people down; of not being able to get the money for this remarkable charity in the name of Steve Prescott - a truly extraordinary man. In other words, the sponsorship being given on here kept me going.
On the last leg, from Warrington to St Helens, I was joined by a number of other amazing people, as well as Steve. It was a relief to finally walk with people and a number got sponsored for doing that last leg. The feeling of achievement for what I had done was immense and it was shared with a feeling of relief that it was finally all over. Such feelings would not have existed if it wasn't for the sponsorship, without which, all my endeavours would have been for nothing.
Thanks for your support - every single donation is appreciated.
To find out more about the work done by The Steve Prescott Foundation, please go to www.steveprescottfoundation.co.uk