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HOPE worldwide

The aim of HOPE worldwide is a simple one - to bring hope to the world. The charity works in the UK, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal and focuses on the areas of health, orphans, HIV, education, homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction and education.

Charity Registration No. 1045930


Please sponsor a child's education at the HOPE foundation school in Bhuj, India.

Ashiyana is 12 years old. Her name means "beautiful home". She dreams of being a teacher when she grows up.

Her parents were not able to afford formal education for themselves because they were too poor. Now, they want to see Ashiyana and her siblings not deprived of it. They believe this will help them to rise above their current economic status. They dream of a life, where they do not have to worry about money on a daily basis.

Mohammed Riyaz is 11 years old. When asked about the school and teachers he says “I like all the teachers.  I like friendships and I have a lot of friends in the school. When I get up in the morning I think of the school and my friends.”

He has a Chacha (Uncle) who services electronic appliances and Riyaz used to watch him dismantle equipment and put them back together after repairing them.  He started to imitate his Chacha and whenever he gets a new toy he dismantles it and then fixes it.  Science and technology is his favourite subject at School.

Once, after a lesson about windmills, he went home and collected a few motors from different toys and with little guidance of his Chacha he created a windmill which can run on a battery. 

He is aspiring to be an engineer. Hopefully, his dreams can come true.

It costs £9 a month, or £100 a year to sponsor a pupil's overall education. In addition, £6 a year will pay for the child's stationery and £600 a year would support all the students to do sports and have sports gear.

Other needs at the school include: £450 for a new photocopier, £700 for a new library, £1,000 for 5 new computers, and £8,000 to apply a weather proof cement to the entire building.

Please support this school generously.


  • Ashiyana at the School in Bhuj
  • Mohammed Riyaz is a budding engineer